Eskimos/Lions game thread

Good start for the Eskies. 50+ yard punt return by TnT, nice catch by Davis to the 1 yard line, and a TD plunge by Ricky Ray.

I know, I know, this is exactly how they started against the Bombers, but they are alot more pi$$ed off this week, and they are at home!!

Go Esks Go!!! :rockin:

That's how you score a classy TD as a professional. Make the play, get your team 6 points, drop the football off for the ref, and calmly walk back to the bench. Act like you've been there before, and are just doing what you're paid to do. Nice job, Tucker.

No cheesy TD dances to rub it in to the other team, and no comments to the camera about who you just forced into retirement.

Go Esks Go!!!!!!!!!

24-11 Eskimos. Another fantastic, and classy TD catch by Hervey. Where are all the loud mouthed loser Eskie haters tonight, posting in the Eskimo forum about tonight's game. I know they were all ready and prepared to, with their usual witty banter.

Huh? I can't heeeeeaaaaaaaaar you!!! Your silence is deafening.

It looked like Signor Mobley has been watching some of the World Cup of Soccer on that play where the football bounced off his head. Kind of neat.


nice game thread warner..i got soked lol..i just sat in the stands during the storm since the lines were jammed

LOL and where were you when you guys lost 46-10? :lol:

We were all posting. Just not in other teams forums, like the classless, cowardly losers that come into the Eskimos forum to rub in a loss, but never have the ba.lls to show their faces in the Eskie forum after a win.

I was on right after the game talking about how pathetic the esks played...and how they could improve for the next week.

Same here. I was thinking of bringing a rain jacket but decided not to in the end. :frowning:

What is with the eskimos male cheerleaders , that is sjust wierd, somone please answer this

They hold the girls up in the air and throw them around and stuff. And when they're doing that, if all you're noticing are the dudes, then you're probably not straight.

On the bright side of this situation, is the fact that they hold the girls up high, while they spread their legs-standing on leg, and shake their obvious body parts :smiley: .

Now, why is it that you are noticing the male cheerleaders? :lol:

Good win you guys. You exposed a weakness that a few of us have been harping about for weeks.....Our Linebacking core.