Eskimos Laid To Rest

I'm pretty sure Simpson came by Free Agency.

BTW- Eskimos are playing like sh*t.

You mean dances...not sing... :wink:

You are trade there, Simpson signed as a free agent.

And Papa, I have to agree, even though Simpson and Wally didn't see eye to eye, we still haven't filled his shoes yet. We are still hurting at linebacker.

The Eskimos aren't playing up to snuff.
Nobody's really running away in the Western conference though. If they can make the play-offs, anything could happen.
The Bombers are doing well. The fact is, they still have to find a way to beat the Al's if they want to be in the GC. That's my only concern right now.

I'm not sure if Joseph is much better than K. Glenn, but the Blue have a strong D that's helping him win games.
Not sure what the future holds for the Riders'. Time will tell.