Eskimos Laid To Rest

Goodnight Eskimos... Looks like they move to an impressive 2-4.

good news for riders

Can Eskie fans spell last place! :lol:

The Esk's held a generals rank in the CFL..
But were stopped before they hit the Peg..
Please to meet you.. hope you guess our name..
Go bombers..we lay the Esks to Waste..

Hank can you translate that for me you lost me on this one! No excuses really!

Nice Stones tribute Hank

I never did understand why people had the esks ranked so high :lol:

Hmmm, another quiet week, rickeywhatsmynametoday will be quiet for another week. Now the Bomber and Montreal posters will have to wait for him to return. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanx..LetsGoBlue..the tribute was a gem..

Thats see my CIA code book sorts this code to say
The bomber players spend to much time on the toilet and have to take the leading role as bathroom monitors! hmm Just does not make sense! the monitor that is

So be it…red05…

Thats really good news for anybody in the West... Actually, thats good news for anyone who isnt an Eskimos fan, seeing as how there is still the crossover if i am not mistaken.

Speaking of the Stones', got my tix for the Regina show yesterday.
Last time I was at Taylor Field, the Bombers put a licking on the Riders'.

Schmoes are not dead..still alot of games left in the season and it aint over till the fat lady.....err fat maciocia sings

I wonder if Maccioca will be around to hear the fat lady sing...

The esks season is already basically over. This team has shown nothing all season long on offence or on defence. Too many controversial cuts/player changes by Maciocca, and he just still isn't learning with the play calling. Like honestly 30 seconds left, on your own 15 and your still calling short 7 yard passes?WTF.

On the bright side, the team still is only 2 pts. back from first in the west, but if they keep up their pathetic performances, they won't be seeing any playoffs this year.

[quote="sambo42"]I wonder if Maccioca will be around to hear the fat lady sing...

can Greg Marshal be very far off in the Esks. future....only Huey and York no for sure... :lol:

Although I am the :lol: last one to want to defend the Esks, the season is far, far from over. The Esks got beat on a fluke agst. Winnipeg. They have a very good qb. Granted , they are not the same team that won the Grey Cup due to retirements from last year. However, no one in the west has shown me they will run away with first place. ALL PLAYOFF SPOTS ARE STILL UP FOR GRABS. And, as all of you should know, all you have to do is make the playoffs in the CFL and anything is possible!!!!!!!!

  • Dumbest move in the off -season was Wally trading Barrin Simpson to Winnipeg. A perennial CFL all-star, he is now the mainstay of the Best defence thus far in the CFL. Big mistake Wally that will come back to haunt you.
  • Under the leadership that will pay dividends later in the season category, check out Kerry Joseph's comments defending his offensive line. His lineman will now defend Joseph to the hilt. Joseph has class. The Riders have a true leader at QB. It will pay off eventually.

Riders will rule

...have to agree with you on the Simpson comment turk.....but i don't think Barrin and Wally seen eye-to-eye....and it was a very strained realtionship....Simpsons latest comments are that he is very pleased to be playing in a great football city...with great fans (i know scmoozing) ...but also to play for coaches who let him 'do his thing' on the 'd'...unlike in B.C. ....IT SURE IS PAYING DIVIDENDS FOR US....... :thup: :rockin:

Even the best player won't bring much to your team if he and the coach aren't getting along. It is a smarter move to trade these players while they have a value than to let them stink in an organization they want no part in. Simpson would probably not have played really good in BC... Good for Winnipeg.