Eskimos Keeping Garrett at 36 proves the Esks have issues!

The Edmonton Eskimos 10-15 years ago would never have kept Shannon Garrett as old as he is (36).

They would have released him a few years ago, and gone younger.

NOW, the Eskimos are keeping him instead of bringing in someone who's 24-26 and is faster and Younger!

This is definite signs that the Eskimos are not the same Eskimos as they were when they always had winning seasons and always made the playoffs.. to the point that you didn't have to guess if they would or not.

They remind me a lot of the Roughriders back then when they kept players too long, like Narcisse and Elgaard and so on.

I can't stop myself from chuckling! :lol:

you know why i can't stop chuckling...Marcus Crandell is a starting QB in the CFL for some team dressed in green this year

...rather have Crandell at QB than Maccocia as the coach...

and thats why it takes you every 19 years to win my freind jm.

only in Sask could you trade your MOP player of the year and be ok with it…it’s the way you guys are built, failure is acceptable

Im not ok with trading Kerry Joseph, BUT, I'd still rather have Marcus Crandell as QB then I have Maccocia as the HC.

id disagree, id rather have a coach that won a grey cup. then a career backup QB.

Crandell is mostly going to play the firs halves :slight_smile:

Firstly, don't presume you're my friend...secondly, January will turn out to be a more than adequate acquisition for Joseph.

I don't accept failure for the Riders, and I don't accept their successes either, since I am in no way involved personally in either...but in the event I did accept such "failures," it wouldn't be any more surprising than the Esks accepting failure for not revolting after it was found out Dancin' Danny is running your offense this year... the way...nice backtrack on the editing, but I caught you in time...

back track on editing??? im confused

and i do not care who's running the offense, they have said in the papaer numerous time's there are going to open up the offense and no more dink and dunk, so until i watch a game and find out ill presume he will

you dont see the eskies trading Ricky do yah??? oh wait were commited to more then one winning season. bad...saw your post after jman and assumed you had edited yours...didn't realize his was there...

If we're talking about trading players after good seasons, then the Esks didn't have to trade Ray...he was far less than stellar last year, remember? Hopefully for you guys he'll have a better year...and if he doesn't, you have Maas to fall back on...

Don't bug Maccioca, he's busy trading for another kicker. As soon as he finds out what he's got left for draft picks, he's goin' shoppin'.

he was far less then stellar?? u must be on drugs jm, he was all this team had. you know a CORNERSTONE player..not just player's you scrue with and trade for a few more bucks.

Geez, Artie…if we can’t but Macciocia, who can we bug?

:lol: Ray was all the Esks had? That isn't saying much last season..but if you're right, then why bring in Maas?

What is sad is the fact CFLis is still fixated on bashing the Eskimos, and then someone just couldn't let it go and had to bash the Riders in return.


Some things just never change...

why did we bring back Maas??? for a homecoming..he will be 3rd string jm so he wont even play....Ricky is the best QB in the league whether you can see that or not. jsut shows your uneducated

Having Garret in the huddle is one of the few things Esks will actually have going for them. He still makes plays despite his age, much more than the now-retired Gass or other veterans on the defensive side of the football, and there needs to be somebody to help along the young guys we do have, and this team does have plenty of rookies. instead of teasing a little, much like you were trying to do, RnR, I'm uneducated?

You brought back Maas because desperate times call for desperate measures... :lol: :cowboy:

and Danny M is doing everything out of desperation..