Eskimos, July 20th

As the three point loss in Saskatchewan fades into my memory I wonder what sort of game the Eskies are going to give us tomorrow night.They've given up more points than us but also scored have more than we have. Their special teams are better than ours, which may have a big bearing on the outcome. Their Achilles heel must be Jyles, who has looked from terrible to average this year, seldom good or great. They have on of the best up-and-coming defenders in J.C. Sherritt, a guy alot like the late great Solomon Elimimian. They are catching us without a host of starters: Neuman and Valli, Gore probably and maybe even Geroy. Hameister Ries has a gimpy knee, now three guards hurt. Reddick was hurt but came back las week and Byron Parker had a sore hamstring. Anton Mackenzie was hurt but played last week. So a bunch of second stringers re going to get starts and hopefully fill in as close to seamlessly as possible. All these guys hurt puts extra pressure on the coaches and gives our opposition some hop that they'll prevail on Friday. So far the pre-season predictions, like Suitor's 15-3, look unreasonable.

let's hope they're wrong and w beat up Edmonton and get our rushing, deep throws, pass rush, kick cover and place kicking straightened out. Go Leos. :cowboy:


The Lions need to make a few changes and they should be back on TOP of the CFL.

The reason they are losing is the following points.....

-Macalum-- He is simply a liability at this point- He basically cost the LIons the loss at REGINA and also he cost the LIONS bigtime vs the Eskimos also. From not kicking a very makeable 44 yard field goal with 32 seconds before half and his short kickoffs and terrible punting this is why they lost--
Edmonton kicker GRANT SHAW was kicking the ball high and deep to the Lions 5 yard line-- TIm Brown was unable to get past the 25 yard line on every possession-- Macalums kicks were landing at the 15 yard line and had no HANG TIME-- So Edmonton was starting at the 40 - 45 yard line every possession--- Also the LIons first or 2nd man would miss every single time the tackle-

Macalum is a good guy and a good team guy, but he is a LIABIILTY now, and we lost the game because we were pinned at our own 15 yard LINE for most of our drives due to EDMONTON having much better kicker and punter than us--

Geroy Simon- Its been abudantly clear that GEROY SIMON's hands are very suspect at this point in his career- He is a finesse receiver but is not a #1 option anymore- He cannot catch a TOUGH CONTESTED catch -- He cannot catch the deep ball at all and is not willing to DIVE or take contact to catch a ball- He cost the game by not catching the pass from LULAY, in typical fashion he is SOFT and cannot catch in traffic--
The Edmonton Dbs are much more athletic than this guy-- He is too old at 36 and is not young enough to beat 23-28 year old YOUNG dbs that are in the league--

Banks- Phillips and Muamba-- If you watched the game, I was there live, it was amazing how FRED STAMPS was abusing KOREY BANKS-- Its simple BANKS was not even moving when STAMPS would make his break- Stamps was so wide open every time but JYLES was throwing hanging balls that allowed Banks to catch up-- Muamba has yet to make a play on the ball since i have seen him starting- Phillips cannot tackle and is not a HALFBACK anymore---

The LIons secondary is far too old and cannot tackle----

Steven JYLES perhaps the worst qb in the entire CFL was looking like TOM BRADY-- He was just abusing our defense all game long-- It was absurd to see that---

Mike Benevides-- So far I think that BENEVIDES is not a great INGAME coach--- A PRO team has to kick a 44 yard field goal INDOORS---- The fact that BENEVIDES did not kick that fgoal makes me believe that BENEVIDES is lost as a head coach--
Benevides was blitzing all game long and did not play ZONE vs JYLES which gives him so much trouble-

Benevides is a good D coordinator- But I think he is not a good head coach--

Arland BRUCE-- This guy has to be our MAIN threat on offense- He is going to get kicked off our team- IF he doesent get the ball he wont even run hard- He looks surprised when the ball is not coming his way--

Akeem Foster- If we are not going to throw the ball to him, why is he in the game? He looks huge and fast but they have yet to THROW deep to FOSTER- last season they threw deep to him more--

Look at the Edmonton secondary- all athletes all young- all fast- all good tacklers--

We won the Grey CUp with our D line and our linebackers- OUr secondary is one of the worst in the CFL- if we dont rush the passer we cannot cover anyone-- Imagine playing the good QBs in the league with the lack off pass rush- It just wont work--

JOSH BELL has to be starting somehwere in the secondary and also one more DB must be put in the starting lineup- Banks and phillips are not starters anymore-- JR LAROSE is twice the safety that MUAMBA is-- MUAMBA is really nothing at safety, he has yet to do anything in the CFL at safety.

I hope things improve down the road like last year, but other teams have gotten better too so BC will in tough this year.