Eskimos in serious trouble!!!

:lol: Sad to see. Eskim0s cannot even win intheir own park. Wow. What a steep slide from the top of the heap. From City of Champions to City of Has Beens! Wow. Last place in the west. = Eskimos. Wow. Sad to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rider Pride Nation wide

Lets hope that BC wins tomorrow and puts the esks alone in the basement. It will look good on them.

Go BC!

NEVER count out the Eskimos.

I agree Migs!

Ill third that motion. This team is capable of rebounding at any moment

nice to see the Esks choke ,now for the Stable boys to go down on the Lions...hehe GO RIDERS GO

Sounds kinky but you riders party kind a funny anyway! :lol: Is this borkeback mountian two? :lol:

Borke??? is that the Calgary Swedish version of Brokeback? how the Story is as I am told.. about Cowboys and cowtown boys got something there.. :lol:

Ya and why does Burris keep pointing at that horse I thought he was married!!

...i;ve got a statement for raygetsackedalot...or is it rayain'tgotit...and his pal ee...

...nuff ain;t that class :lol:

Of course any team can bounce back this early in the season. It's just fun to piss off Eskimo fans.

I, for one, am NOT counting the Eskimos out. Im just rubbing their faces in it a little, and some Eskie posters do when the Riders lose. I want to see if they can take it as well as they like to dish it out. I notice no Esks fan again here this morning-- cmon Esk fans, come take some of your own medicine

Yup Dentor you would know about that :lol:

I believe Hank does this to remind you rider fans that he owns your team! :lol:

I guess they are plum scared off the site! Not like rickylosthismarbles would run from this! EE on the other hand not so sure! But the Eskie fans are scarce!

Nice to see the gophers pulling for BC and ASSUMING they will win their game against Toronto just to see Edmonton last. Not Smart!

I for one am cheering for the Stamps. I love watching Burris against all teams but the Riders. Plus I want BC and Edmonton to fall way behind in the standings (wishful thinking I know).
As for the shmoes, solid performance by Tucker. That man is amazing when the heat is on..... but the same can be said about Stegall. I guess this heats up the Stegall/Tucker debate a tad.

Go Riders!!

Im pulling for BC just because I can't stand redwhite2005!


come on, RW2005 is hillarious. You just can't take him so serious.