Eskimos in last place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well gang,
In the pre-season predictions I predicted Eskimos to finish last in the West. Many laughed and scoffed at my guess. Truth is the Esks should be 0-3 right now as we all saw how Calgary lost the re-match at Wealthywealth Stadium not the ESKS win it. This team is in serious trouble and even with Ricky Ray at the helm they are not getting it done. People underestimated the loss of retiring veterans. Esks fans should be WORRIED SICK and WONDERING ABOUT THEIR COACHING TOO!!!
Riders Rule
Esks Drool (truly)

Ever since maciocca stepped up to the plate last year i've known the coaching is horrible.

What are you an idiot! It is only the third game of the dam season! How can you even say that!
signed Warner

We're also one win out of first

also 1 one loss out of being tied for last in the league (if hamilton would win)

if we're last place after Week 8 I'll start to worry.

I would worry about the Esk`s attitude...the talent pol is there...this might be a team who hates their coach

People with attitude problems don't last long in the Eskimo organization. It's just an adjustment period. Not quite rebuilding, but close.

On defence, I’d have to say the esks are basically in a rebuilding stage. Offence is a different story though, the team is essentially unchanged from last year(save for the o-line), and has not met my expectations as of yet.
All in all I’d have to agree with you it’s more like a refurbishing, but very close to rebuilding.

When you have as much turnover on your O-line like the Eskies did, there's bound to be an adjustment period by all. But then again, when your defence gives up 46 points, something else has to be wrong. Does Macoccia have a players revolt on his hands?

well they cant be in 1st place all of the time :wink: :lol:

I have never liked Macoccia. I was happy to see his face last year when the Eskimos came to Taylor Field, oh excuse me, Mosaic Stadium, and they were gonna kick that last second field goal for the win. Macoccia was shaking some of his players hands, i specifcally remember Joe Montford for some reason. And Omarr Morgan Blocked the kick. I was happy my riders won, but i was even more satisfied that Mr. Full of Himself Danny Macoccia basically got slapped in his face. Never count your chickens before they hatch. SORRY FOR THE LONG POST...

ya i went to that game :rockin: it reminded me of the 1989 western semi final :stuck_out_tongue: where we were counted out before the game :lol:

i wasnt even alive then, i was born april of 1990. I have never seen my team win the grey cup :frowning:

well i hope you watch that 89 Grey Cup game :wink: if not you prolly can get it on video called "The Kick" @ the rider store it was 1 of the best Grey Cups IMO ever :cowboy:

and you never will. :wink: jk

we will see lol

Then the whole team might have to go...seriously no organization is free of strife. Some popular players have been let go and that can tear at a team. The Eskies are no different.

wow. 16..

anyways. The Esks have problems! they're not going to win this game vs B.C. and they'll be 1-3. They should be 0-3 as a previous poster explained, but Burris blew that one. I'm afraid to make any quotes because the Eskimos manage to always pull off something lucky..

i'll wait for about 13 more weeks before commenting

You have no idea how much I was thinking of that in the Grey Cup second overtime, when Maciocia threw his headset and started dancing like a fairy when there was still a play to go...

I was living for a touchdown pass. I wanted so deeply to see Calvillo throw a deep one for the victory, just to see the fairy collapse...