Eskimos hopeless with Ricky Ray!

see thats just simply it wasnt our night… when you fumble on the 1 and fuck a field goal up, you know you dont deserve to win

The esks didn't deserve to win, but through stupid things like not being able get 1 yard for a TD w/ 3 downs... they managed to make the game into a complete blowout.

well rite b4 the fumble at the 1 i was thinking the esks were gunna screw it up some way some how and they did lol

:lol: :lol: :lol: Winnipeg 46 Edmonton 10 do not forget that!

Another thing not to forget is
The Eskimos are in LAST PLACE in the west! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Why is that rickynotbragginganymore? Champs that was last year. This year it is basement dwellers!

I wonder why Ricky was benched? :lol:

same reason Glenn was, the game was over why risk injuries...

I guess that must be why stumps attendance dropped off by 15% when they missed the playoffs for 3 straight years, and the flamers had ONE decent year, and were selling out every game. Don't try to convince anybody that fans of a team prefer to talk about, or support a losing team over a winning team. The saddledome was 1/3 empty for a decade when the flamers were missing the playoffs for 7 straight years. Free tickets couldn't be given away. They win a playoff series in 1 year out of the last 17, and the Dome is a complete sellout every game. See any similarities?

Kudos to Kevin Glenn. He has had 1 good game this year. I wouldn't be handing him the MVP trophy or the Grey Cup based on ONE good regular season victory. He has yet to even play in a playoff game, let alone prove he can win them. After about 3 years where games like that become a regular occurance for Glenn, and big playoff victories become part of his resume, he can be held in the same regard as Dickenson, Ray, Calvillo, etc. To date in his career, inconsistency has been his downfall. Will today be the day where his career turns around? Sure. Just don't bet your house on it.

But to suggest that winning Championships shouldn't count, when you are considering who the great players of the game are, is quite frankly, rediculous. I would much rather have a QB on my team with a few years of consistency under his belt, and proven playoff success, than someone that does not. There's not too many players, in too many hall of fames, that never won a playoff game in their career.

I think Glen was taken out for that reason but why take your 1 stringer out when you are behind in the game. Do you not think the team could have got something positive out of keeping Ray in there. God knows he needs the reps in his performance so far this season. Yes he got 325 yards but still one rushing TD. They needed to keep him in even if he could have got a TD late in the game there is something positive to take to the next game. YUP the surgar plum fairy is a great coach :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ray wasn't benched for his inability to move the ball, he was playing pretty well yesterday(minus the fumble he had at the one, but it could have been the centres fault, and the fact that THE ENTIRE OFFENCE had trouble in the red-zone). The game was out of reach,Ray didn't want to risk injury, and Maciocca didn't want to look like an idiot by not playing his backup qb untill the last game of the year like last season.

When your backup QB has less than 10 pass attempts in his career, and the score is out of hand with 9 minutes left, you would be doing a disservice to your team, and your future, if you stubbornly refused to take that opportunity to give your backup some meaningfull playing time, to develop his skills in real game situations. If your starting QB is injured late in the year, would you want a backup going in, that has only ever played the last 90 seconds of a game? The answer as to why Johnson got some playing time, seems fairly obvious to me.

not rays fault..he puts up huge passing yards each week.

blame lack of running game, and defence.

True but usually that happens when your team is winning by several point like the Bombers did in this case. But just maybe howdy duty does it differently!

It could be this year that the Eskies North American record of what 30+ years in the playoffs finally ends.

There was at least one drive where you could blame Ricky-- where he fumbled on the one yard line- the other drive stalled cause Davis was stuffed after a big play by Mitchell. They score TDs on those drives and its a different game.

well what happened happened and it happened for a reason...they didnt score on those drives because of the bomber D...the messed up field goal is on either the center or the holder, and thats just a mental error...and im not sure ray would have even made it in for the td had he not fumbled it...what were 1-5 on going for 1 or 2 yards

i think the bombers are gunna be tough if u wanna go for short yardage like that...barrin simpson is a FORCE back there

I never said they werent, but that fumble cost the Esks a chance at 7 points and no fullback cost them another 7 pts as well. Im not taking anything away from the Bomber D, but the Esks have glaring weaknesses and it showed last night.

why dont you have some class and give the BBs there due...I actually agree with you that it is indeed the only the 3rd game...lots of football left to play. There are however other teams in the league ...good teams

I would leave Durden in actually....don`t start the panic rotation on D..I think it is a mistake