Eskimos hopeless with Ricky Ray!

I am wondering if other fans feel the same way. Last year he had trouble putting up TD's and it seems he got lucky with Calgary but today they were non :lol: :lol: existant.

I remember Rawnotsorookierickyray laughing at Toronto because they couldn’t beat Winnepeg.

Now Edmonton didn’t just lose to Winnepeg, they got DESTROYED… Good Job Bombers! Kevin Glenn and Brazzel sure made the defence look silly.

So in advance I’ll say it, cause I know Rawnotsorookierickyray will say it…

What does Ricky Ray have?

2 Grey Cups…

oh oh oh and you cant forget that the esks won the grey cup last year and that they made the playoff for 35 straight years. those two things can never be overstated

The eskimo organization has a new slogan for this year.... in the immortal words of boxer Roberto Duran:

So I cruised over to the Eskies section to see what the fans had to say about the game tonight. But there seemed to be more threads about the Oilers than the Eskies. Whats with that??

They don't talk about losing. If they lose in football, they pretend they only like hockey, and vice versa.

It didn't happen really when they wake up from their dreams tomorrow they won the Stanley Cup and the Eskimos are 2 and 1 in the standings :lol: :lol:
They keep playing like that and the sugar plum fairy will be run out of town on a very slow greyhound! :lol:

I guees 325 yards passing just isn't good enough...
There are problems with the Eskimos, but not with Ricky Ray. The play calling more than anything is what is killing the offense, and the defense just needs to bring it together. Only a matter of time.

2 grey cups in 3 years..YOU FORGOT THAT...we got beat like this last year...against hamilton and after that we went to win the grey cup...SO DOUBT US EVERYONE IT WILL BE BETTER

The eskimo organization has a new slogan for this year.... in the immortal words of boxer Roberto Duran: NO MAAS!! NO MAAS!!!

RNR, last year you had a veteran offensive line, a backup QB who could have been a starter, a Dline with a decent pass rush, a good secondary.. all of those were missing yesterday, so unless all these problem are fixed in one week, I dont see the Eskimos winning against BC

who cares if we won 2 out of the last 3 Grey Cups? We have to move on, and win right now. The coaching staff needs to make the correct changes. I would like to see Garrett moved back to halfback, and either Dixon or Winn play weak-side linebacker, and maybe Buhl come in and replace Durden for a game or two. with Gass back at MLB, it'll solidify alot in the run game and pass game, as well as the LBs in general....and then Marsh back at the end of the season. I'm not worried, but we need to start winning

Nice changes. But would you rather see Buhl or Roosevelt Williams to replace Durden. From what I saw at TC this year Williams looked like the most impressive player on the field that day IMO.

EXACTLY, i think everyone loves to jump on the eskies after a loss, and hey when yuor the ebst teams wanna beat the champs, soooo were gonna haveto know teams are gonna play us this tough all season

our Defence played auesome against calgary in both games, now we just gotta go back to doing that, we looked very bad, no doubt but we need to get over it quickly and maybe we need this kinda emberrasment handed to us for us to wake the fuck up

And it's good to get an embarassment like that out of the way early in the season rather than later(if this is in fact the only blowout against the esks...).

but esks123 blaming ricky is moronic. Ricky looked very good, the offence jsut had trouble putting it in the endzone thats easy problem to fix

hey RNR i have a little stat just for you...

Kevin Glenn 15/24 for 368 yards 3td 0int

Rick Ray 25/33 for 352 yards 0td 1int

glenn is 2-1 while ray is 1-2

the wins are all that matter, and THIS YEAR is all that matters, so dont give us you "Ray has 2 grey cups and 1 mvp in 3 years" crap...and the stats up there is to show u glenn aint to shabby after all

I'm not blaming Ricky at all, he played a solid game. We have trouble getting 1 yard for a TD. have trouble getting 5 yards after the mitchel reception for a TD. Had to settle for two Field goal attempts from the 20(one of which failed). The eskimos problem on offence is in the red zone, they move the ball SO well down the field but just die out in the red zone.

maybe your offence should practice there 1st and 2nd a goal...and 3rd and 1's...what were they, like 1 for 5?