Eskimos have Serious Lack of Wit

I love some good old fashioned trash talking, but these ads.....Really?? That’s the best you can come up with? :roll: Political-style attack ads? Trash talking is most fun when it is witty and humourous. You know….the kind the Riders come up with. But name calling and insults….doesn’t exactly fit into that category. I’d love to see some wit infused in the ads. Oh well, I guess you can only play the hand you’re dealt…or not dealt in this case. :wink: :cowboy:

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...I found the first one to be pretty humorous, but the second one not at all...

I'm already tasting your delicious tears... :lol:

Chris Jones and Ed Hervey probably wrote the scripts........because we all know that they are a real pair of FUNNY guys :stuck_out_tongue:
The two of them would probably be a riot at a funeral :roll:

Awwww come on fellas,try to at least crack a smile :stuck_out_tongue: We all know how much you want too :roll:

…IF they are responsible for the script they must have taken it from a crime novel…talk about deadpan…They could take lessons from Mike O’Shea on how to wow the media…then again


You expect wit from a football organization? Might as well expect brute strength from the chess club...

what do you expect from an organization who's head coach wont shake the opponents hand or bother to have his team come out for the national anthem... classless...
meanwhile, the rider organization comes into town and holds a party plus fundraiser for edmontons firefighter burn unit...
(the "horrible people" line was insulting and WAY over the top) everything else i can live with.. but to insult us as human beings... thats just wrong. imho

I agree. There aren't too many ways to argue that that's being said in a fun, good-natured way. good lord.

The loud, obnoxious and irritating stuff I have no problem with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that true Jaz? The Riders hosted a benefit for Edmonton's burn unit in Edmonton? If so...that organization is brilliant in their methods of building their brand and goodwill. Terrific.

This is what they are doing.. and as far as i know, they have done something similar in every city (still have Calgary to go)

Thanks. Impressive.

(Still kinda odd to see Geroy Simon representing the Riders.)

It's remarkable how far this organization is ahead of all others. Their revenues are the end result.

They did this last year as well.. I dont remember if the benifit was for the same charity tho.. I was at the one in Edmonton (thats where I live)

Thanks Jaz..I have a history with Edmonton but don't live there now. But I have a soft spot for them.

I went to a game there this year and watch every game. The feedback I'm getting is that the behavior of Jones is really wearing thin. I received a long diatribe about his not even being aware of the past EE greats being added to the Wall.

His anthem stuff and general demeanour is beyond the pail for many.

Do you get this sense living there?

Havent really heard anything about it one way or the other from anyone to tell you the truth.. i find it disrespectful tho.. but I am a Rider fan and not an Eskimo one.. (I go to all the Eskimo games tho (and cheer for the other team usually lol) i just like football)

CFL teams will always try to "one-up" the opposition, sometimes they go overboard and sometimes not. Sometimes they are humorous and sometimes not.

One of my favourite stories of "one-upmanship" involved the Eskimos and Stampeders and was quite funny. I was involved in the Jerry Lewis Labour Day Telethon in Calgary. The Celebrity Chairman for Muscular Dystrophy in the late 1980's in Calgary was Stampeder quarterback Rick Johnson. We had asked for 3 Stampeders to man the phones at the Telethon on the Sunday prior to the Labour Day Classic and Rick called us and stated that the Stampeder coach (I think it was Bob Vespaziani) had put a strict curfew on the Calgary players and they wouldn't be allowed to work the Telethon. We told them we understood and appreciated all of the support throughout the year.

We were set up at the Westin Hotel in Calgary for the Telethon that year and it just so happened that the Eskimo's were staying at the Westin. On the Sunday of the Telethon 3 Eskimos, Matt Dunnigan, Gizmo Williams and one other guy showed up and offered to sit on the phones as Gizmo's brother had died from Muscular Dystrophy and they would like to help out in his honour. We of course welcomed them with open arms. Within minutes of the segment with the 3, Rick Johnson was on the phones and said, "Coach V. just called and we will have 3 players down there right away." We finished the Telethon with 3 Stamps and 3 Eskimos manning the phones together. In my years working at the Telethons, we never again had the Stampeders turn down the invitation to man the phones on the Labour Day Weekend.

the pitiful whine and moan of SSK fans is a sound so sweet, i think if Mozart was around he'd wish he was a member of the Eskimo's marketing team.

Wait a minute...are you telling me those are the bad things???? Dang, I'm going to have to re-think my whole game plan :oops:

Great story! Gotta love Gizmo!

It is quite a reach to try and pin this on the Head Coach. I doubt very much he has time to script and negotiate marketing campaigns.

A little egg can go a long ways. Cool story, thanks for sharing