Eskimos grab Pikula

The Edmonton Eskimos have acquired non-import kicker/punter Rob Pikula and a third round selection (23rd overall) in the 2008 CFL Canadian Draft from the B.C. Lions in exchange for Edmonton’s third round selection (18th overall) in this year's Draft.
Just read this on the homepage. I thought Edmonton already had a rookie kicker we were going with? :|

I guess Danny is just preparing for the large number of punts the Eskimos will be doing this season.

That's cold, man. :lol:

You've got to wonder (and feel for) about Pikula though, he started with the Riders and lost out there. He went to BC and then to Winnipeg and then back to BC. Now he is traded to Edmonton who was/is supposedly very high on the rookie that played some for them last season. Will he ever be able to secure that kicking position?

Ottawa 2010, baby!

I don't know, but right now I'd rather see what this rookie Warren Kean can do for us.

Don't the Eskimos' have both Kean and that import kicker they signed who briefly played with them a few years back?

It is very common for a kicker to bounce around before finding the right fit. Good luck to him.

They're both listed on our roster page. Not sure what Danny's thinking was for this signing.

He was thinking what every team is thinking......load up on players and let them fight it out during training camp

Perhaps Edmonton will trade him back to Winnipeg once Westwood starts missing Field goals and The Bomber fans start screaming (again) for Troy's Head.

I think he has a good chance to catch on. Winnipeg last year was a I kicking am I not kicking....if he can settle down, he could develop into a good kicker. Besides Edmonton needs somebody to replace flemming.

I suppose you have a point there.

I'd agree with something along the lines of Ro's point - although given that Kean spent last season mentoring under Fleming, Pikula is probably here mostly to push Kean some more during TC, now that Fleming is retired (though Suitor said in October during that last game vs. Sask that Sean would be available to the Esks in an emergency).

EDIT: Just occured to me, it could be that the Esks are planning to have Pikula do the punting duties next season, and not have Kean do both like Fleming did.

Eskimo fans shouldn’t expect much, Pikula has a really week leg.

.....yup it varies.. week to week.......sorry piggy couldn't resist...he really isn't consistent either...but dancin Danny might be able to give him some pointers... :lol:

:oops: :lol:

It's also not very strong.

I don't think really weak is fair. You, my friend, don't have a career where your legs write the cheques. Your leg(s) must be non-existent if his is(are) weak. You saw him play how many times at what rate of pressure? Not many and a high one.


Ever heard of "relatively speaking" Kel? I'd have thought even you could figure that Piggy wasn't directly comparing Pikula to everyone else on earth...

Frankly kel, I saw high school kickers boot the ball farther than Pik last year at times. Considering I was one of the top three sprinters in the province in my time, I do know a thing or two about leg strength, my friend. But thanks for your tremendously, uniformed, insight once again.