Eskimos got Mcgrathed by Calgary.

Well the real reason Khari was let go was to bring in a very good young QB to replace his spot. Calgary beat them to it.

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…Hardy $#@%ing Har Har…makes up for hughies little joke on Ottawa earlier this year…ooooooo, the eskimo brass is livid!..

Ya it does sound like there are P’Od
what happened to ottawa

…Paopao went public back in ?March? saying they had signed Hervey off the FA list…next day Herv signed with Edmonton…speculation had it that the throwin samoan must’ve been in talks with Herv and really thought he had him locked down and that Herv and Hughie were playing evil games with Ottawa…

Joke on the Gades? Ever think that maybe Ottawa jumped the gun in announcing that deal? Perhaps they should have waited until he had signed on the line and was in town before announcing. Hervey played that well by having another deal virtually done and then giving the Esks the opportunity at one last chance.

If anything the Esks are guilty of making a last ditch, 11th hour attempt to keep a valuable free agent here in town and it worked. That’s all.

As far as Wimprine goes, well he is still an unknown commodity. The Stamps did nothing wrong scooping him off the practise roster. Obviously Higgins knew about this guy as he was on the Eskimos list last year. The only thing I question is the way it went down. Apparently his agent was in contact with the Stamps at the same time and as soon as he was put on the practise roster he bolted to Calgary as planned. I think thats the part that they are annoyed about, although make no mistake, we still have Ray and Maas and Johnson. There was no room for him here and there were more than a few raised eyebrows when they brought him in in the first place.

Reference to Joe McGrath? McGrath spent a half season on the practise roster before Edmonton picked him up to help with injury problems. If the Stamps were that concerned about keeping a Canadian OL who was young and only going to get better they wouldn’t have left him unprotected on the practise roster, no?

We had the same thing happen last season with Ezra Landry. Unfortunately you cannot just keep everybody on a 40 man roster. You will always have that problem when you bring in top quality talent to compete for jobs.


…true enuf toe, true enuf…

and now…the real story…

Hervey was about to sign with the Gades, as the had the better offer, when Sean Fleming accepted a 15 000 dollar pay cut to help keep Hervey in edmonton, edmonton offered Hervey the extra cash, and he signed in edmonton.

Or… here might be the real story. Hervey was about to sign in Ottawa, when Hugh Campbell told Sean Flemming he better accept a 15 000$ pay cut or he was out. Then, these dollars were offered to Hervey and Flemming received a thank you card.

Eskimos32001 got his story out of the news paper, I read it in the Calgary Harold. So third and ten were did you get your story from?

It is a true story the kicker gets screwed over for Hervey. That is okay this has happened many times. The agent in question was looking after his client. There was room on the Stamps roster where as Edmonton had not.

Supertoe again great post. You got to love these knowledgable Eskie fans.

[quote=“redwhite2005”][quote=“tmfm”][quote=“Third_And_Ten”][quote=“Eskimos32001”][quote=“RedandWhite”]…Paopao went public back in ?March? saying they had signed Hervey off the FA list…next day Herv signed with Edmonton…speculation had it that the throwin samoan mustHugh wasn’t involved in the meeting. Sean did it on his own. He and Ed are good friends and go knows Sean doesn’t need the money, he works for a brokerage house. Edmonton only brought wimprine in to get him into the system. His loss isn’t great. I just wish the eskies had kept Jones on as trade bait for Toronto or Hamilton

Stupid Eskimos are bitchin’ about us plucking their QB off their practice roster, when last year they did the EXACT SAME THING TO US with one of our most promising o-linemen.

That’s the pot calling the kettle black …

Sorry man but I have not seen much bitching to be honest. If you want to interpret it that way, go ahead and fill yer boots. The same thing happened to us last year (as I have already reminded you about). About the only difference is that this time it seems that it was prearranged. As far as I am concerned R/W2005 had it right. The agent was on the ball and obviously Wimprine did not want to sit on the practice roster if someone else was willing to let him hold a clipboard. What can you do?

He is a prospect right now, nothing more nothing less. Now McGrath you can be choked about, but don’t be choked with us. How about your coach last year leaving him sit on the practice roster. Obviously he thought he could get away with it. I wonder what you would do in a situation where you have more players than spots, but you want to keep them around.

I know I would have had a hell of a time with this Eskimos roster. I’m sure it was a similar situation in most CFL cities. Anyway I digress. Yeah looks like McGrath will start this season. I’m cautiously optimistic that our OL will surprise some of you this year.


actually, Sean Fleming posts at and im gonna trust him on this one.