Eskimos going for new record: No Playoff appearance streak.

What is Edmonton's No playoff streak record?

Obviously in my lifetime they have never missed twice in a row. In my lifetime, they haven't even missed one playoff appearance until last year.

Will it be two years in a row? If so, what changes need to be made?

Or, am I getting ahead of myself?

hopefully that record last 25 + years like the other one. The eskies should just allow Ricky Ray to go the NFL, they are wasting the prime of his career playing with guys who belong in the arena league or one of those european summer leagues.

Thrylyn I am suprised you would post this. After all your team has not seen success or the GC for a long time I will not mention the year because most of you would know that. The eskimos and their fans have nothing to be sad about. They had glorious years for those that do not know 34 years with out missing the playoffs. To try to make a joke of this is a poor attempt at humor. This coming from a Stamp fan. Remember Edmonton is in Alberta and Alberta teams come first for me. I realize you meant no harm but were trying to trigger those Eskie fans. If only Larry could reply. This thrylyn would be his reply" you are dam ignorant to imply that the eskimos should worry about missing the playoffs you moron". Now I hope that gives you what you were looking for. But in all seriousness every CFL fan would like the fact their team had not missed the playoffs in 34 years.
Good luck Schmoe fans for the rest of the year it is tough but you will return to glory.

By the way rocket25 where have you been you thought it was 25 years shame on you.

....i believe Ricky has 'been there did that' as far as the nfl goes......where have you been?????? :roll:

I dont think Edmonton will miss. I think they will cross over.

I agree. Edmonton and Winnipeg in the Eastern "Ice Bowl" final.

Wow, you obviously don't know anything about the Eskimos, first off it was a 34 year consecutive playoff streak, any one thats been paying the least bit of attention to the league these last two years knows that. And secondly why would you bring Ray into this, he already went to the NFL, remember 2004? They sent him back up here after a year. Ray is a great QB that didn't quite make it in the NFL, and the CFL is a thousand times better than playing arena football, or the European league, but then again NFL Europe is done, but I'm not surprised you didn't know that either.

I am also surprised by your reply. I never once made an attempt at humour for this thread. I made no jokes. I was asking from a serious football perspective . . . "What changes need to be made? Or, am I getting ahead of myself?"

I believe there was nothing ignorant or "troll" worthy about the topic.

As for rocket25. Did you even read your own post? If the Eskimos belonged in the arena league they would be there. Guess what? They aren't in Arena League because they are better players than that.

You think Ricky Ray is NFL worthy yet you think his whole team is due for a demotion to Arena League?

RW05 it was rocket25 that made my topic look like I was trolling.

I was just trying to discuss the Eskies. That is all.

What is up with the Eskies' lack of ability to develop a running game? The D is being shredded by injuries, so I wouldn't worry too much about that, but the lack of a ground game is a worry. The days of an all-pass attack are gone. You need a legit running game or you won't be going anywhere.

Wow. That has to be the best post I've seen from 05 yet... Thanks.

As for the Eskimos... The two major hurdles, I'd say, are defence and running. I remember watching games last season, and the announcers were saying when Troy Davis rushed for 100 yards, the Eskimos won. When he didn't, they lost.

No question they need a running game... and hopefully they can turn Ebell into a great RB. He's looked good so far, but unfortunately, he's been hampered with injuries.

The defence... well, with all the injuries we have you can't really discuss the defence. Hopefully we'll start getting some of our guys back and we'll have a real defence. And hopefully when that happens we also get a real defensive coordinator...

As far as the playoffs go... With Bishop back in Toronto, and with Toronto poised to sweep Hamilton, I think a crossover is out of the question. Our only hope will be passing Calgary (can't tie them since they took the series).

The ignorant and moron comment was not meant I was merely stating thats what Larry would hve stated. I realize you were not trolling to a degree but really was this required. The Eskimo fans and team have nothing to be ashamed of. Wow now I need to take a shower because I feel dirty sticking up for those low lifes of the north. (kidding)

The Esks have shown flashes of brilliance this year and they are better than their record shows.

It does pain me that they are struggling so much, but hopefully some good will come out of all this. Somebody said somewhere that this is what rebuilding looks like. I think they're right about that.

The Esks had a good run. They can still hold their heads high. They learned how to win, now they are learning how to lose so they can win again.

Thanks for your post '05. That was very eloquent and inspirational!

Im not so sure about that, the Arogs have Bishop back, and they are much better team with him - the five game losing streak should be proof of that, and they were 2-1 when he did get injured. The Esks need to play better in all areas of the game if they want to make the playoffs.

Well the thing is most fans of CFL teams have been there and frankly there is a large fan base of Edmonton fans that have not experienced this transition. Some one has to lose and some one has to win. There is no disgrace in losing especially when a team is rebuilding. As a Stamp fan I feel it important to help out our northern brothers in time of need. Now that does not mean the Stamps will lay down to night. But I feel for any team that goes through this. Remember we had the Feteriks here and that was a learning experience for us.
For the bracketed text red and white will reserve me another session with Dr Phil.

Toronto has a great schedule the rest of the way and should make it if they stay healthy.

Frankly, as an Eskies fan (as well as Hamilton), if they must, I would rather the Esks lose the Stamps than any other team in the West.

I'd rather not get swept, thank you very much. :lol:

Another tough loss to Calgary.

The Esks are definately one of those teams that can come and look like a grey cup contender on any given night. They are not to be taken lightly; even when in last place.

I mean no disrespect to any of the Esks fans.

The CFL is a league where you have to be on your best all the time or your team can find itself in a sticky spot in the standings.