Eskimos fire OC

You know, it's nice to see the Eskimos aren't afraid to shake things up... but I didn't really think offence was the problem. What do they plan to do on defence? That's where we need help. Quite the interesting move.

Kevin Strasser is the new OC.

What, Ricky get tired of throwing none-yard passes all day long?


yea dink and dunk passes! ray throws for 40 yards while his receivers get the 300 remaining! :lol:

as soon as someone figures out how to stop it, the Esks are dead. yet so far, nobody has!

If you take away the underneath pases it opens up deep passes, and Ray attacks deep. If you play man defence, Ray attacks deep. Bottom line is Ray is arguably the smartest and most accurate passer in the league(Dunnigan said on Labour Day that he thinks Ray may be the most accurate passer the league has ever seen). He's not stupid and will not try to force deep balls into teams playing deep zones ala Michael Bishop or Steven Jyles. If there is an opportunity to attack he does so smartly, but if it's not there he won't force the ball into high risk areas.

When Strasser came in a few weeks ago the writing was on the wall.
Heck maybe my Argos should hire Woreman asap.

Ok so lets get this Straight Machoca , Our offence is playing fairly well now things seem to be running smoothly , Now is the perfect time to Fire Worman.
Our D sucks and has been torn to shreads all year long but will keep Daly in that position he's doing fine .
I'm relly starting to Wonder if Machoca's Game plan here is to totally dessimate the Esks, and turn them into a laughing stock of the CFL .
Remember Machoca was an ALS fan for most of his life :wink: :wink: :wink:

You call 2 points (8 if you count a garbage time TD) against your biggest rival in the biggest game of the season so far a smooth running offence? Philosophically, our offensive play calling was far too conservative. With the talent we have at QB, receiver, and O-line(in terms of pass protection anyways... Ray has had lots of time and the unit is currently 3rd in least sacks allowed), anything short of a dominating performance game in and game out is unnaceptable.

The defence obviously needs a lot of work, but you have to remember we have been missing our start MLB the past 4 games or so, as well as other countless injuries(Gordon, Amos, Robinson missing signifcant amounts of time). Richie hand picked Daley as his d-coordinator and probably feels that the schemes Daley is using can be succesful and that our defensive problems lie more in the personel(see two d players released in the last two weeks - and probably some NFL cuts coming in).

Granted, our offence was pretty bad against Calgary; however, if you look at our previous games, the offence was playing well. In our last five games before the LDC, we were averaging 32 points/game. That's pretty good. We even had a half decent running game going, something we haven't had in years. So as conservative as our offence was playing, they were still managing to put up points. They even put together a couple last-minute game-winning drives. So the offence isn't the real problem. It's the defence. Hall better have a nice, long discussion with Daley...

it might be a warning to Daley as well. . . if they can ditch the O/C in midseason, why not the D/C?

In addition, we have two coaches currently in the CFL doing double duty as head coach~offensive coordinator; if the defence doesn't improve, might we see Richie Hall as both head coach and defensive coordinator?

Okay, referrring to two coaches doing double duty as offensive coordinators (Kelly, Andrus) was a bad example. . .

Andrus did his Job tonight ,although just by the Skin of his teeth .

Just wondering if after tonights performance if you think we should Fire the DC ?