Eskimos fire 3 Coaches including Chapdelaine; could Jacques

The Eskimos fired 3 Coaches today including Jacques Chapdelaine. Could Chapdelaine come back here or were bridges burnt?

I was never a Chapdelaine fan (Yeah, I know, we won a cup with him here...but...)so I would't be welcoming him at the Airport.

They fired the wrong guy..., they should of canned Mc"choke"a.

Chapdelaine was my coach in highschool, all i can say is the guy is UNREAL

From Eskimos retain Maciocia - by D. Bennett CP

Chapdelaine brought in a complex offence, with multiple receiver sets and intricate timing patterns that had players scrambling to write plays on wristbands in practice. He developed a reputation as a flinty, demanding coach who rubbed players the wrong way.

Sounds familiar, eh? But I remember last year during the beginning of the season, the mantra from the offence was:"we need to believe in our system" and it apparently paid off in a championship (...and I guess cutting back the sack total and a very powerful defense led by #97 could be factored in too...)

Feels like the Eskis hit the toilet flushing handle again. New scheme, new coaches, hopefully they won't be as hurting again next year.

Wait... they still have Maciocia...

No they kept the right guy. Machocia should get a ten year extension! :twisted: :twisted: