Eskimos Fined $20k, Maas $15k for Not Wearing Live Mic

It was unfair to our fans, who had been promised a live mic game, to our broadcast partner, who had advertised a live mic game, and to the other clubs in the league who had abided by the Board’s directive to participate in live mic games. It was totally unacceptable. The Eskimos organization acknowledges this and has apologized. Still, it has a responsibility to ensure its employees do not see themselves as above the league and what its Governors deem to be in the best long term interests of the league. For this reason, I am fining the Eskimos organization $20,000.

It is also important that Coach Maas be held personally accountable. I am fining him $15,000. The fact that Coach Maas has expressed no remorse whatsoever for what appears to be a unilateral and planned act of defiance is particularly disappointing. I want to send a clear signal that this cannot happen again.

Should Coach Maas be directed to wear a live microphone again this season or in subsequent seasons, and he again refuses, he will be immediately subjected to the maximum fine allowable and he will be suspended for his team’s next game, even if that next game is a playoff or championship game.

No individual, or group of individuals, is more important than the well-being of the entire league, and there must be respect for the directives of those empowered under our Constitution to lead this league. I want to stress again that acting in direct contravention of a Board mandated directive cannot and will not be tolerated.

— Jeffrey L. Orridge, CFL Commissioner

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Maas should be kicked out of the league, IMO.

To me, this is like no-showing for an important business meeting because it's a weekend even though it's part of your contract and all your peers have made the same sacrifice for the greater good: you neglect your duties and embarrass your company while harming it's potential future business.

Grounds for termination.

I'm glad the action was swift.

20K will not break the bank for the Esks even 35K if they cover Maas's portion but at least a precedent is now set.

The commissioner is not 10 bells on everything but I'm good with this one.

Disagree with termination, although I have no liking for Maas at all. It's a 1st time offence & the fine is pretty hefty, think this is pretty much spot on.

....When everyone else complied and you're the only team seemingly thumbing your nose at the league.....hmmmmmm....fine well deserved...

Considering that the commissioner cites Maas' complete lack of remorse as a reason for such a harsh fine, I'd say skip the fine and just kick him out of the league.

Every other coach involved showed reservations about it but understood the greater good involved and went along with it. Maas' actions were disrespectful to his coaching peers, the fans, league partners, the board of governers etc.

And he shows no remorse?

Fire him and blacklist him.

Hitting an official $10,00.00 and sit in the pres box
refusing to wear a live mic $35,000.00
I guess assaulting an official not as important as refusing to wear a live mic ?

Good point - Orridge said he didn't have any precedents to fall back on when Austin hacked the sideline zebe. Fair enough - set the precedent - albeit pretty cloudy.

Same though with live miking - at the point of infraction the ref should have been instructed (by Orridge) to signal that if the Ticats don't follow thru with their pre-agreement the points from the game will be forefitted to their opponent. I think they would have pasted the mics back on.

The fines are actually fairly heavy - $20k for the organization, $15k for Jason. What about Reilly? Didn't he also re-buff the wearing of the piece? Or is Jason taking the hit for the entire team?
Anyways, the 60 man Schmos roster (75 if you count coaches & upper mgmt.) will each chip in approx. $200 ea. to help defray the overall cost to Maas. Cuz that's what teams do! Maas took the hit for the team!

Maas has always been an assshole.

Austin did not intend to hit the official, Maas intended to fak over the league and TSN.

They aren't allowed to cover Maas's portion - at least not through club accounts. If someone wants to cover him privately, that is up to them.

If you're Maas, wouldn't the solution be as simple as wearing the mic, but dropping an F-bomb into every sentence? TSN would quickly conclude that your comments can't be aired.

Agree. Austin touched/hit the officially accidentally and he did apologize and showed remorse.

Maas intentionally refused to participate in the live-mic setup and shows no remorse or offered an apology for doing so, but has been actually quite defiant.

Never realized Maas was like that, I've lost a lot of respect for the man but all that matters in the end is if his team performs and they win and then he'll just have a big smile on his face with the Cup in his hands. :?

I'm not sure if JM should own all the blame. It was clearly an organizational decision.

Sure he does. The Board of Governors/owners entered into an agreement with the broadcaster and Mass and Reilly decided to breach it !... In fact it is grounds to fire him with cause. They are actually really lucky Orridge has no power.

If Maas had done that to Goddell... Oh my.... Oh my LMAO

Maas will be mic'd up for the season finale and he should watch his language or his season may end earlier than he thinks.

You just spread the blame by 50% by adding the QB.
I kind of think Hervey was involved too. At any rate it was a bush decision by the organization.

I remember when Hamilton was miked. Austin just never turned his on.

[i]Yup, the descendants of Hughey Campbell; that Hervey, Maas et al. get what they deserve!

Eskimo douchebaggery will never cease. Johnny is glad to see the commish hammer them! :cowboy: [/i]

The commish is more afraid of Hamilton's owner than the Evil Empire.

Wearing a mic is crap, reality TV! Play the friggin' game!