Eskimos done like burnt toast!

Well even after the Stamps helped them this past week by beating the Bombers. The eskimos need to take the Tiger cats both games to try to cath up well it seems that is evaporating real quick. Yup they burnt their opportunity to climb up to a chance at a playoff spot. They certainly will not win all the rest of their games and the riders and bombers will not tank all of theirs! I am declaring them dead! IMO No pulse, no breathing just dead much like the parrot on Monty Pythons dead!

They're not dead, they're just sleeping!

.....very, very soundly.....

NO pulse no breathing dead! Dead! Dead! :lol: Date of death see Hamilton vs Eskimos game!

Enjoy it while you can.

Well E-max I have to say it was a nice long ride for your team well it lasted! It is to bad that is a nice record they had going!To bad that Huey went on vaction and had the sugar plum fairy looking after this team. But you have to say its about time! I really do not believe the Eskimos can win their remaining games and the riders and bombers tank their season sorry it is not going to happen. I guess it is next year country for them! The Stamps helped but they did not want the gift!

Man, rw05.....are you gonna look stupid if the EE make it this year..... :lol:

No problem I know you’ve been waiting for this a long time.

No seriously they will not make it not with that team. This is the worse I have seen the eskimos in a long time. They have a drunken captain running the ship. Really I have nothing to fear! I have faith in the riders to beat these sad sacks!

Actually it is sad it had to end this way! No way I actually was hyped when they beat the Stamps and openned the door to come back to a playoff hunt. But to go into steel town and crash that was it! The Eskimos are going down! Unfortunate yes nothing I would like better then another western final with the Schmoes!

I think thats what we're doing... points & laughs
HOWS IT FEEL? I know how it feels all too well

R&W2005, I'm still waiting for them to be mathematically out. Moon, Wilkinson to name a couple have come to steal some games in the past. I'll wait until there is no possible way.

.....I'm with Sporty on this one..., red my son, be know how some predicts. can come back to haunt you something dead....Could that haunting be the Deadmonton never know .....but if they aren't completely dead they are on life-support...and i'm tending to agree with you.....i smell burnt toast... :o

Thanks dad but when I tell you that when the

Pulls up and you see the

working on the Eskimos you know they are done!

Like I posted elsewhere, the Eskimo's still control their own destiny. Their year basically comes down to the 2 games vs Saskatchewan.

i think saskatchewan will burry them. their shot was hamilton and they lost it. imagine if they lost again

....ah, we can dream can't we?........

R&W05 who did you pick this week between Hamiton@ Edmonton :stuck_out_tongue: just wondering :lol:

I sort have jumped the gun too saying the Esks were dead after the Hamilton game but on second thought the only two teams guaranteed right now in the playoffs are the Stamps and Lions.

The way the Als are playing with absolutely no passion or desire to play, that team is in danger of easily going 7-11 very much like the 2001 team I believe that went 9-0, then 0-9 to end the season and be eliminated. The Bombers have looked horrible also, even in the Riders win it was close and they looked horrible all game till the second half. The Bombers will finish at below .500 this season also. On third thought, I believe that either Montreal loses out to Winnipeg and goes 7-11 down the stetch if they fail to regian their form, or else they rebound and beat Winnipeg both games. That gives Winnipeg just one more chance for a win against Hamilton for an 7-11 record, and who knows if they can manage that. This Winnipeg team could go 6-12 as easily as the Als might go 7-11. Guess we'll see which teams show up for the Als/Bombers home and away series.

And then the Riders, they can easily be beat down the stretch and passed by the Esks in the two games we play. The Esks could win next week against Hamilton, 1 Rider game, 1 Argo game, and the Als game to go 8-10 easily crossing over if Winnipeg or Montreal keep on their losing ways. Or it could be the Riders crossing over as usual when it's all said and done.