Eskimos Depth Chart

For something to do let’s take a look at what could be the eskimos depth chart for the opening regular season game.


QB- Ricky Ray
HB-Elvis Joseph
FB-Mathieu Bertrand
WR-Ed Hervey
WR-Trevor Gaylor
SB-Jason Tucker
SB-Mookie Mitchell
OT-Bruce Beaton
OT-Chris Morris
G-Joe Mcgrath
G-Kevin Lefsrud
C-Sandy Annunziati


DE-Joe Montford
DE-Rashad Jeanty
DT-Clinton Wayne
DT-Cedric Scott
OLB-Singor Mobley
OLB-Steven Marsh
CB-Davis Sanchez
CB-Malcolm Frank
HB-Donny Brady
HB-Shannon Garrett
FS-Kelly Wiltshire

KR-Keyou Craver

That shows no depth…

Thanks for the reply CM but i’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken, with this depth chart the eskies will be bringing home the grey cup just take a second look

Hey what do you guys think of this chart

i think CMs point was that your list showed only the starters and not the backups therefore no depth

I have to agree, i don’t see any depth at all there.

Okay well this is just the starters chart and if I had to pick a starters list out of all the 9 teams i would pick this one

a depth chart consists of all the players on the team and what string they are.

True, but usually a depth chart also shows the second and third guy.

True, but usually a depth chart also shows the second and third guy.

um…thats exactly what i meant when i said it shows everyone and what string they are

here i’ll give you an example of a depth chart:

Right, that was a depth chart. I got the concept. You are showing us your choices for a starting lineup, you are not showing us the players at each position and who is slotted in at second or third string as well.

Anyway, old thread. And you were pretty close on the starters there buddy.

pretty close? he got one wrong, i’d say he was damn close

Who did you think I got wrong on the starting lineup?

Kabongo started instead of Morris

Boy, we sure could use Morris back.

Because of injuries we haven’t had a consistent O-line from game 1 of the preseason!