Eskimos Defense

In the pre season game i was at and from what i hear from the bombers game which is still in progress it looks like the eskimos defense has improved, in the first game versus the bombers i believe it was 2 interceptions called back by stupid penalties not to mention a handfull on 2nd and short to give them the auotmatic first down, if they keep penalties in check i see a great defense. the addition of Montford and Sanchez is going to pay dividends. And i know this will get a lot of flack , BUT , in my humble opinion A.J GASS is one of the best linebackers in the CFL!

Now lets try to beef up that O-line…

I like what I see on defense this year.

The D-line is a lot better.

the defence just needs to watch their penalties cuz i dont’ have enough fingers and toes to count how many they got that first game. but i would have to agree about AJ gass he is the best in my opion

The penalties and mistakes made in the first game should steadily diminish as the season gets going and the new players adjust to CFL rules, new defensive schemes, etc.

7 sacks against Ottawa

6 sacks against the Blue Bombers


Yes, but two teams with incredibly bad olines, however, with montford and genty you have a nasty pass rush, could be looking at 50+ sacks this season for the team.

I must say after watching the Edmonton and Winnipeg game. The score was a whole lote closer then the game was. Although there were definately some pluses for Winnepeg with there special teams definatly improving. And there Offense picking up a bit in the last quarter. What about that hit Sancehz had on Stegall…that was a hard hit he went out like a light. Totally clean as well gotta love the CFL :mrgreen:
P.S. Hope Stegalls Ok

Totally clean except for the fact that he was hit before he touched the ball. Thats pass interference everywhere else but in the Esks defensive backfield. Sanchez will get his.

I thought the hit was just as the ball was getting there. I guess its all a matter of opinion. Even still Edmonton Does have a great team this year defence and offence its gonna be a great game next week againt Montreal.

That front four looks dominant for sure. At this rate whats it going to be, 100 sacks?