Eskimos D

Man did Jeanty and Montford ever look amazing last night. I was expecting to be impressed by the offence, but it was the Esks D line that caught my attention.

We’re going to be in for a great year!


Eskimos needed to improve their pass rush that they had last year. All the underachievers are gone, and it looks like the competition they brought into camp this year really lit a fire under some of the veterans’ butts.

The Esks pass rush looked good in the preseason, and it really impressed me against Ottawa last night. 7 sacks is a good start to the season for them…

Lets see how they do against MONTREAL, the ARGOS and B.C.

Yes, let’s see.

Personally, I can’t wait.

The Esks D didn’t really surprise me much last night. If anything, they can thank their line for doing all the work.

well, the secondary did pretty good in covering their receivers so that Joseph had to sit in the pocket longer. also, the linebackers made some good plays…Gass got a sack, Mobley had a couple of rushes, and Marsh made alot of good plays.

Well when you have Joe Montford, the BEST Defensive End in the Lague against a rookie the whole game, I say yes there will be a few sacks.

With all do respect to Renegade fans. I think they will be in alot of games with that kind of point differences. I was not impressed by the Eskimos defence. First of all I knew they would be better, and secondly, there wasnt much of a challenge.

I was impressed with Edmonton’s d-line, but its hard to make too big of judgements on one game, but 7 sacks is 7 sacks. I though teh o-line on Edmonton looked weak, but I think they have acouple new starters so they will probably improve quickly. What about Elvis Joseph? He looks to be a very intimidating RB