Eskimo's Crowd

So I reminisced a little about our 12-6 season this year and thought about the home games, despite our attendance being lower than usual (definitely because of the 2013 season at 4-14 and the mediocrity since 2006), I did find a positive, as strange as it might be, but I found that the crowd was noticeably more rowdy despite the couple thousand less per game on average. Anyone else find that? We seemed louder. I think this would be part to our defense being the best in the league and our offense taking a step in the right direction, it seemed like the fans had a great passion and there were more "fanatics" at the game decked out. Hopefully the attendance goes back to 33,000-37,000 per game like it was a few years ago with that same energy. It'd be a hell of a experience. Go Esks!

Hope attendance goes up, but go Riders! :smiley:

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