Eskimos coaching staff for 2016

According to an article I saw on Facebook Jason Mass is now HC with Edmonton.

Rumour is Barron Miles is coming to Edmonton, though not sure in what capacity.

Like the Mike Benevides hire as now you have an established DC who can also help out the rookie HC.

I just saw the news. ... r-1.422881

I guess that means Barron Miles is gonna be a position coach. If the rumours are true.

Probably no indication either way, but Kirk Penton says Casey Creehan was hanging around with Jason Maas and Mike Benevides at the Senior Bowl.

Edmonton has hired Mike Gibson as O-line coach and the running game coordinator. I gotta be honest, I’m not overly impressed. He ran the 8th ranked offence in Ottawa in 2014, and led the Regina Rams to an 0-8 season in 2015. Not exactly a great resume.

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The coaching staff has been finalized, and okie was right. Creehan is taking over the DL. Barron Miles will take on the DBs.

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Looks like Maas opted for CFL experience vs bringing in rookie coaches to the CFL. Limited pickings so building his staff will be a work in progress over the next couple years.

Well, Maas got a pretty big endorsement from Reilly. Obviously you'd expect that, but still, it sounds like Reilly is really excited to play for Maas.

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My only real concern on the coaching staff is Mike Gibson. He'll have a lot to prove.

That Gibson hire looking pretty good now...hey Chief!

Did you really wait 15 games to make that post? lol

Remember when the Eskimo section had posters every day? Where did everyone go?

The Edmonton and Calgary boards have always been ghost towns. Don't ask me why.

In a word: Noooooooope!!!

Well then it must be personal for you...2nd fewest sacks allowed...number 2 in rushing offense...4 100 yard game rushers!

Not just about sacks. How many times has Reilly been hurried or hit tonight? You gotta look at the big picture, not just one stat.

The Esks are a pass first offense...two points

  1. How many rushers are the opponents bringing to get those hits on our QB? I THINK IF YOU ASK BOTH Maas and the QB THEY would be very happy with the protection. How many yards has this team thrown for?

  2. This is professional football the defense gets paid too you know to put pressure on the QB.

Are you always this negative?

Buddy, you're the one who came in here after 15 games to talk crap about a post I made in the off-season. I can only think I'm being trolled right now. My comment wasn't even that bad. You say it's personal for me? Sounds more personal for you.