Eskimos coaching staff for 2016

Well, the Riders have officially stolen Chris Jones. So we need a new HC and a new DC. Word around the campfire is Edmonton might tag Jason Mass as its new HC.

What do you think? What have you heard?

I like Mass but not yet, Trestman would be a good fit and an easy sell. Plus Trestman could put together a coaching staff much easier then Maas. You know those stinking Riders will be poaching more of our coaches.

Yeah, rumour is Jones plans to take most of the defensive staff. Isn't Trestman still under contract in the NFL?

We don't have a coaching staff . We've been raided . I keep thinking what the freak just happened here, we just won the Championship and now we'll be lucky to have a HC next year.
What the heck is Hervey doing, is he still drunk from the celebration .

Rumor from Didier Orméjuste. His sources say that if Maas gets the HC, Barron Miles will be the DC.

I don’t blame Hervey. Sask screwed him over and forced him into a corner.

I think it's time for Hervey to make some sort of statement to the fan base. He also needs to quickly sign some free agents just appease the masses

It's sounding more and more like Maas will be our guy. From the homepage: ... oach-esks/

TSN is saying Ottawa will ask for compensation. Now I can only shake my head at Hervey and the guy playing Commish. Edmonton should've asked for compensation for Jones, and the guy playing Commish should make this mandatory.

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If the Esks need to pay compensation to Ottawaaaa, then so be it. Hervey will need to step up his game . He's been fined, let Jones go for nothing, now pays Ottawa compensation for Maas . He may look good in the eyes of the CFL, but to the fans of the Esks maybe not so much.

The Riders just took your entire staff

Here is the Riders new Coaching staff

Where did you hear this? I knew there were rumours of him taking the defensive coaching staff, but taking McAdoo too? That's complete BS. What the hell is happening in this league?

I would have thought you'd be jumping for joy. You've spent two years repeating over and over and over again how you wanted McAdoo to be fired.

To be honest, it's more the position than the person. I'm also surprised Craig Dickenson was allowed to leave.

Jones literally gutted our staff. We have no coordinators. HC, gone. DC, gone. OC, gone, STC, gone. And we get zero compensation.

100% right but remember Maas will be calling the offense

And now Orridge has put a stop to future hiring of all coaches. Is this guy a Rider in disguise .

Nah, he’s just an idiot who realizes he screwed up by not acting when he should’ve.

So, with the league halted for the moment, has anyone heard anything? I just checked the Edmonton Sun and Journal, but neither had much, just the same old about Jason Maas. I heard something on TSN about AJ Gass. Not sure how much truth there is to it. And to be honest, I'm not sure I'd like him. I think he'd be a Kavis Reed-type coach, throwing tantrums on the sideline.

Jason Maas is desperate to assemble a coaching staff. Not too many rumours about the persons who could be on the staff. Either newcomers or coaches who are not wanted elsewhere.


What the heck is Hervey doing ? Hasn't signed any coaches, has totally messed up trying to get new ones, no players have had their contracts extended. It seems it's a real cluster duck.