Eskimos clean house

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Edmonton Eskimos head coach and director of football operations Danny Maciocia announced on Tuesday that the club has terminated the contract of offensive coordinator and associate head coach Jacques Chapdelaine and will not renew the contracts of offensive line coach Carl Brennan and special teams coach Scott Squires.

“We fell short of expectations in several areas this past season and we felt it necessary to go in a new direction," said Maciocia. "I want to thank Jacques, Carl and Scott for their commitment and wish them every success in the future.?

The remaining assistant coaches on the staff will be offered contracts for the 2008 season, added Maciocia.

Eskimos president and CEO Rick LeLacheur also announced that Maciocia will continue to serve as both head coach and director of football operations in 2008.

“I believe that continuity gives us the best opportunity for success next season," explained Lelacheur. "There’s no doubt that the past two seasons have been disappointing, but after a thorough review of our football operations department, I’m confident that we have a solid foundation and believe that Coach Maciocia has the ability to get us back on the winning track.?

Excuse me while I do a jig!!! :smiley:

Speaking as an Als fan whose team is roughly in the same position as your Esks, I don't understand this move. Maciocia should get the axe. On his watch, the team has failed to make the playoffs two years in a row. I think Chapdelaine could have contributed a lot had he had another season to work the offense into his playbook.

I dunno, this just looks like a scapegoat firing to me.

...I agree D&P, but please excuse me while I do a jig as well!.... :smiley: ....

No question that Danny had to go, but I'll take these steps. Our offence wasn't that great, and special teams... Well, did Edmonton even have special teams? I would have also liked to see the defensive coordinator get the axe, but I'll take what I can get.

Maybe they will bring in Joe Paopao as Offensive Co. :wink:

Ya this is exactly what we needed , Their should really be a high demand for season tickets for next year. NOT . I shake my head at this move or lack of I live in BC so not sure of the fan reaction to this but i'm sure it's not good. Maybe Rick LeLacheur has to go to make this team turn around.

“We fell short of expectations in several areas this past season and we felt it necessary to go in a new direction.

Boy could Danny be Einstein. What a joke. I think his direction maybe the one Hamilton has been following for the last few years .

What can you expect from someone who grew up cheering for the Als.

Well, on the one hand I wouldn't mind seeing Danny get the boot, but on the other hand, how can we expect to progress if we keep starting over? I forget who said it, but the person was right, we need some sort of continuity. We're not going to get that if we keep starting from scratch. I think we definitely needed to get rid of the Offensive and Defensive coordinators, as well as the special teams guy. I got 2 out of 3.

Plus, from what I've read the players seem to like Danny (don't ask me why). So, if they like him, maybe we should give him one more chance... maybe. We've got a good team. We just need good coaching. Consider this Danny's last chance, 3 strikes and he's out.

Kamau Peterson indicated that Danny needed to be given another chance (sorta like he was when signed here) in his blog for the Journal, and I think Ray has said something similar. So I guess if the locker room still believes in Maciocia, us fans will have to agonize into another season and see what happens.

Wow. All I can say. Austin has his team going up. Machocia has his team going down. At the bottom. What logic is in this? Great news for Rider fans. Great news for Stamps fans. Great news for Lions fans. Wow.

I doubt Rick Campbell will lose his job with daddy Hugh still kicking around in the Esks organization. :slight_smile:

I was reading an article on the CBC, and this definitely tells you why the Offensive and O-Line coordinators were let go.

The Edmonton offence produced 371 points — sixth in the CFL — despite ranking third in time of possession. Edmonton scored 34 offensive touchdowns and just six from the running game, numbers that ranked only ahead of the lowly Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Protection was also a concern, with 52 sacks allowed, the second worst total in the league.

Maciocia to return as Eskimos' coach

Oh, I have no problem with the O-line coach getting the boot. When your O-line is that porous, the position coach has to go. I just think that firing Chapdelaine after just one year is a mistake. The man won a Grey Cup in B.C. as OC. He didn't just forget how to be a good coach all of a sudden.

Maybe. But you also have to wonder how much of that was Wally Buono as well.

Considering BC's record and the musical chairs at QB, I think Buono deserves ALOT of credit for where BC is today.

All in all, I'm glad you kept Machocia on! :lol: :lol: