Eskimos brass balk at Dunigan rumours

Sun, January 27, 2008

Eskimos brass balk at Dunigan rumours
UPDATED: 2008-01-27 02:23:50 MST


EDMONTON -- Matt Dunigan is not returning to the Edmonton Eskimos.

Contrary to rumblings coming from the website, Eskimos brass has not interviewed Dunigan for a possible job in coaching or in management.

While the Esks are expected to announce the addition of at least one more member of their 2008 coaching staff in the next two weeks, a highly-placed source has told Sun Media Dunigan is not rejoining the Green and Gold.

The former star quarterback and current TSN football analyst was with the Eskimos for five seasons (1983-87).


A firm date hasn't been set, but the 2008 CFL schedule could be released in the next 10 days.

With only one broadcast network -- TSN -- carrying games this summer and fall, putting together a schedule is a bit less complicated.

I think Matty would be a great addition to any staff, especially now that he has no doubt learned from his Calgary days.
But would Matty be willing to downgrade to an Coordinator position and give up presumably the lucrative TSN position?

The only way Matt will hit the coaching ranks would be this way. The guy did not do himself a favor coming to the STamps under M Feterik. But considering the guy did well with in that circus he should get a chance at a cordinator job.

I'd be willing to give Dunnigan a shot here at the HC job, if I were the Esks brass. If he only came as OC, he'd either get dominated by the HC (Like Chappy was last year and Worman probably will be next year) game plays-wise, or more likely there'd be a virtual civil war on the sidelines, since Matt doesn't seem like the guy who'd want to kneel down to a guy who hasn't experienced the CFL from the field the way he has.