Two of the three remaining unbeaten teams square off in this battle for first place on Thursday night. The Bombers open as 2 1/2 point home favourites and are 3-0 against the spread to start the year. Hard to believe but the betting line suggests the Eskimos would be favoured to win on a neutral field........

.....Should be a good game of chess between two old compatriots, O'Shea and Jones.....I think the game will most likely be won with special teams....2 solid qbs. with very good receivers at their disposal AND it's going to be loud...advantage Bombers :wink:

Indeed, the noisy crowd should have a fun game to watch. Got my bet down already; Bombers by a touchdown! :smiley:

Sounds like Eskimos linebacker J.C. Sherritt will miss Friday's game. Tough break for Edmonton as he's one hell of a player.

Being reported that Romby Bryant starts in place of Aaron Kelly. Hopefully, those 34 year old legs can still get it done.

Did I miss the announcement of the attendance for the game.
Anywhere close to a sellout?

Was announced at 27,700 this afternoon.

Ticket count announced at 29,100 this afternoon, roughly 27 hrs to the start of the game. Weather should be hot and sunny.

Anybody going to this game has to consider themselves lucky. I can't think of too many places I would rather be this Thurs. night. The two best teams going head to head. That felt good to say !!! Enjoy yourselves guys and remember the guy stuck in Ont. who's rooting for the Bombers. GO BOMBERS !!!!!

Want me to throw a "Dan says go "in for you? I"m sure no one will notice but my wife. :smiley:

I'll be listening for it, aulcee. :thup: ..... Maybe this year I will get to the new stadium. Here's hoping !

For sure try to do so Dan; it's a terrific facility, great place to take in a game.

Who is not playing if Romby is slotting in?
I posted this in the thread on the main page, but we'll need our receivers to continue to come up with some big time catches today to pull out a win. Hopefully the Oline can give enough protection.
Excited for this game, but bummed I can't make this one. Looks like it should be close to a sell out though :thup:

Aaron Kelly has had a knee issue the last couple of weeks, he managed to play vs the Als but his knee swelled up after that and he hasn't been able to practice this week, thus he's out. He was checked out earlier in the week and they didn't release any further details on the severity of his injury. Kelly still shows up on the roster but he will be one of the 2 gameday inactives.

Ah OK, makes sence. Prob for the best - he didn't seem to battle for the ball like he did the first 2 weeks. Hopefully he's not out for too long he was money the first 2 games.

Not coming on the Bomber page to troll. Looking forward to this game more that any regular season game in a long time and wish I could be in Winnipeg for the game. Hope to make it there for at least one this year, would have prefered it to be the Eskimos but not likely to happen this year, unless the Bombers host the Eskimos in a playoff game. Can't see Winnipeg finishing ahead of Edmonton though (OK I couldn't resist one small shot). Realistically I can't imagine seeing the Bombers live until October (Bombers invade Alberta in back to back games), holding out a slight hope for August 22 but not holding my breath. Good luck, Winnipeg fans deserve a great team, not ready to tag great on this version yet but so far very good.

Been a great start to the year for 2 tremendous CFL franchises that have had a run of bad luck in recent years. Whether either or both team can sustain their success for the full season remains to be seen but it's nice to see. Looking forward to battling your team on the field tonight and may the best team with gold in their colour scheme win (ie the one that also has blue in it :wink: )

Renaud injured in the warm-up and won't play tonight; rookie will handle both punting and place kicking.

I never understand how Renaud can boom the ball during practice/halftime etc, but in real time he often shanks it.
Time to see what Hajawhatru has.

Wow, Willis with the pick. Now why did he not hold onto that in the 2011 Grey Cup game? Rough start.