Eskimos/Bombers (the rematch)

According to todays depth chart they will both be starting Knapp at RT with Pencer next to him at RG and Jones at LT.
Not too much info on these two players but both played as Big Time NCAA schools Arizona St for Knapp and Oklahoma for Jarvis. Knapp was with the Bengals in 2012 pre season where he saw a lot of time, not sure where he was at camp in 2013. Jones is in his first pro season and spent the Spring in the Arena Football League.
January just looks beat up after carrying this line for two seasons and Boatman just is not starting matierial.
Again a case where these type of players should have been evaluated in the off season and been in training camp.
Good top college resumes and are basically just rookies.
They needed to do this sooner or later rather sooner than later I guess. Lot of CFL - Arena connections and several first and second year Arena players are starting on Olines at OT in the CFL
Bombers have one NI starting on defense with Joahnson Moving to safety and Markett who has been playing very well at the CB spot and for sure 5 on offense according to the depth chart leaves them one short unless they plan to use alot of FB/TE with Pionbriand and Poblah or Etienn as the 5th receiver to go with the two starting imports along with Canadians kholert and Foster.

Looking for an improved running game from the Bombers tonight after making all the changes up front for this game. With the defense likely to improve playing at home and having replaced Cauchy (finally), think the end result will be a close win for the Blue and Gold. Despite being 3 point underdogs........Bombers 27 Eskimos 24

Or the two new guys on the Oline turn out to be turnstiles and can’t block a flea and Willis and Howard end up in the backfield to make a play before Hall/Boltus/Goltz even completes a 3 step drop.

Sigh, what happened? I used to have some optimism with this club.

I too feel the Bombers and Eskimos will put on an exciting close game as well…Winnipeg 25 Edmonton 23
Note: Either way the game goes…MadJack and myself will be even on our bet I say.

That’s possible, but run blocking is totally different from pass blocking. Linemen love to run block because they administer punishment rather than absorb it, which is why so many talk about needing to run the ball more often. Almost all linemen should be able to run block because only they know the snap count and all they usually need to do is move someone to one side or the other. Pass blocking is much more difficult and requires a different skill set altogether. Let’s hope these new guys are good at pushing people around and the defense allows them to stick with the running game longer than usual tonight.

fantastic first drive!

O-line doing a nice job, best the Bombers have looked since early 2011. Poor Sara Orlesky looked frozen solid on the sideline; you'd think it was the dead of winter the way she was trembling!

Kirk Penton @PentonKirk

I’ve talked to a few folks around the league, and the consensus is Dan Knapp will get roasted and Jarvis Jones will do OK. #Bombers

Wonder who Penton’s “sources” are? Knapp has held his own in the first half.

Maybe they’re right. He has not had a good second half so far.

Nothing comes easy for this team.......

Nice to see Cauchy hasn't lost his touch. First play back on the field, he takes a facemasking penalty.....well done, keep up the good work!

And that's why the Lions weren't going to overpay for him... Worst starter in the league.

....Cauchy can join Burke on the train out of town....Pathetic bloody football....You could put in a CIS coach who would make better decisions....I think we beginning to uncover one of the REAL problem with the's behind the bench :thdn:

Karma is a bitch... Instead of supporting Paul last year. He had dinner with Sleepy Joe...

I would be shocked if Burke wasn’t fired first thing tomorrow for taking a knee with 30 seconds left in regulation of a tied game. A game the Bombers had in the bag with a minute left.

Look for Buellefuelle to replace him when the announcement hits the wire.

Also doomed in Winnipeg: Creehan and Goltz.

The Bombers need to do whatever it takes to sign a legit starting QB next year, or nothing will change.

Wonder if Max Hall will ever start AND finish a game in any league. Then, after announcing that Boltus would be the first off the bench, they bring in Goltz instead. Hard to believe this team has trouble being taken seriously!

Does it matter ?

Hall showed some promise - but also showed he isn’t any more durable than Pierce was.
3 starts - 1 finish!

Joe Mack has left us with an incredible mess by not dealing with our QB problems seriously!

Most of the Bomber fans covered up for Mack over and over again. When I pointed out that Wally said the wrong guy had gotten fired when he let go of Lapolice, you guys really let me have it. No matter who Mack threw under the bus. He was the man…
Lapolice record as a Bomber coach is what ? .300 points better than Burke and Crouton.

Don’t forget, he also left us with o-line problems and linebacking problems and secondary problems and kicking problems and non-import problems and coaching problems, otherwise he left everything in good shape!