Eskimos/Bombers (the rematch)

The battle for the basement between these 2-9 teams could help determine once and for all whether men should be included in any cheerleading games. The tension is palpable.......

Ahhh, the Toilet Bowl II. Coming this weekend to an Investors Group Field near you!
Poor Winnipeg. Such a nice new CFL stadium and the best football team to call it home are the University of Manitoba Bisons.
The way the Blue Bombers have played this year at home, one would think that they have been playing their home games amidst the concrete and steel construction rubble at the site of the former Winnipeg Stadium (CanadInns Stadium).

....Can we delay the rest of the schedule and have the rematch in 2014....It'll take that long to find a qb...We seem to be dragging our feet until the second overall pic in 2014 is secured...Maybe after that is guaranteed, we will include that in a trade for a credible qb....Not much else to look forward to in 2013 but to go through the motions.. :frowning: :thdn:

These next two games look like the most winnable games left on the schedule (if Lulay's out that is) so enjoy them while you can. Bombers have won the rematch both times this year and something tells me they might just do it again. Otherwise, only the Montreal game seems somewhat realistic; we'd have taken 4-14 at the beginning of the season, right?

Winnable? What is there left for an Oline? January, Parenteau, and Boatman all likely out for Friday's rematch. To go with Swiston, Douglas, and Morely already out. That leaves Sorensen, Greaves, Pencer, Kowalczuk (yikes!).....and Colt Schulte who's been here a week or two?! Two more american OTs apparently coming in to practice according to Pascucci's twitter but really this is ridiculous. Time to take back Brendan Dunn off of the Riders PR, we need another NI backup. They've had some time to coach him up for us after we cut him after TC.

Have you watched this o-line play this season (and last)? The more changes, the better as far as I’m concerned as those guys should have been replaced long ago. They consistently provide no pass blocking, no run blocking, holding penalties galore and can’t execute the screen pass properly… you name it they can’t do it. When you get past these next couple of games, there’s almost no shot of winning unless teams are resting their starters (unlikely) or just plain have a disastrous game. When the Bombers win it’s because their defense plays well not the offense, so we already know not to expect anything from that unit. If the defense can’t get the job done against the Eskimos and their leaky o-line or the Lions (if Lulay isn’t playing), then there won’t likely be another win this year. I’m guessing they play well and at least keep it close, but we’ll see.

Right except the guys who weren’t so good and are now hurt were the best guys we had. At any rate hopefully they uncover one or two quality new import linemen. Douglas has barely played in two years and when he did he wasn’t very good. Boatmen has gone backwards from last year. January is OK but could be better. Its gonna be interesting to say the least.

Well it won’t be Colt Schulte going onto the roster. He was released this morning. Dan Knapp and Jarvis Jones, both import OL added to the PR this morning. I would imagine at least one of these two guys makes the roster this Friday just because they need bodies.

…Colt was scratched and sent down the track…I know we’re bringing in guys BUT will we get to see any of them…I know we have to coach them up and get that one yd. forgiveness engrained into their psyche but cripes we have to get someone in here now to play the position properly… Putting turnstiles out there won’t get it done but I think that’s what we have now…Try something Burke…anything :roll:

Will they get to see the field? One or both will probably see the field this week. Both Boatman and Parenteau out this week. Sorensen and Greaves are the only healthy guys that started the season. Pencer probably starts at RT. Kowalczuk is the only other healthy NI and will probably play RG. Hopefully January can go at LT, otherwise one of the new guys has to start or Jake Thomas makes a full time switch to Oline for this game. And someone will have to be the 6th OL.

Updates from practice - Max Hall taking first team reps, Jovo in at safety with Cauchy appearing sitting due to injury.

Updates from around the CFL - Argos sign OL Tyler Holmes, one of their picks from a couple of years ago who’s been on the Vikings PR for a couple of season. They released OL Joel Reindeers to make room for him. A NI lineman that may be worth a look? Anyone know what’s happened to Reindeers in TO since his brief NFL shot?

....Wouldn't hurt to look at Reindeers...He is an ni ...I don't recall much of his play this year but seeing as the door is wide open on the o line...bring him in... :roll:

Being reported that Lulay will miss the next two games so the Bombers should catch a break. Maybe even Pierce will find his way onto the field against his old mates.....until he gets hurt, of course.

…This is when Pierce shows us how durable he is, finally playing behind an o line, instead of a bunch of pylons :lol: (excluding January and Swiston and to a certain extent Greaves) Be interesting to say the least if this happens… :roll:

You’re probably right, DeMarco will be the one to get hurt and Pierce will look great in relief. Lulay’s injury will turn out to be more serious than was first thought, Pierce stays healthy the rest of the season and leads the Lions to a Grey Cup victory leaving everyone to wonder why the Bombers got rid of him.

Then we wake up. :lol: :lol: :lol:

…Looks like we have one o line guy that appears to be ready to take the bull by the horns and that is Pencer…He had a very good game in Edm. and will be our tackle for the rest of the year according to Burke, after watching film … Got to admit he did account for himself very well and was very happy to see him block out two d guys on one play and help Goltz get up on another…He looks like a keeper…finally one guy who shows us something :thup:

Lulay must be a quick study. No sooner does Pierce arrive as backup/mentor than Lulay himself gets injured - just like Buck, running head-on into a tackler.

Burke making it official today each of the two new import Olineman will be starting at each of the tackle spots, guess that means Pencer plays RG, Kowalczuk is the backup.

Also Cauchy is out, Jovo in at safety, Akeem Foster will start at slot.

Hopefully the game if musical injured starters is over for this week.

Lulay must be a quick study. No sooner does Pierce arrive as backup/mentor than Lulay himself gets injured - just like Buck, running head-on into a tackler.[/quote)

…The leos have also brought back Elliott…I think he’s there for insurance and after looking past DeMarco, I can see why :wink:

Boltus the new back-up according to Burke; Goltz back to third string again. The carousel continues to spin.....

That would be great if Pencer does work out to be a solid starting RT now that he is finally healthy. Gives them a bit more flexibility. The Bombers still have the numbers for the ratio to be able to start 2 import O Lineman so that opens up the market a lot more to look at both import and non Imports that could play Guard.
Dougless missing 2 seasons in a row with injury does not fair well and Boatman definately can be upgraded.