Eskimos awesome banner ! leaSH IT !

This is just plain funny

Unleash the dogs of war?

Don't see whats so funny? please explain.

Look at how the slogan is capitalized

Wow. That's abstract, man. Never would have pieced that together had you not explained it.

Are you sure you're not from BC? We're world famous for bud. :lol:

Yea, that is a marketing department oversight. :oops:

now that you pointed it out, it does kinda stick out. reminds me of Bulldog beer from the 90's if you blocked out a part of the logo and turned it upside down it was batman eating something :wink: Or the Pepsi cans stack 3 and it would spell SEX not sure if all this was done by design or just a fluke.

Or if you folded up an old Canadian $1 bill you could see the Queen's heinie :smiley:

[url=] ... -all-night[/url]

In this article the banner was done by design.

I need to see pictures


I hope that it is not a bad omen for Edmonton. :lol:

HOLY SH-- :cowboy: