Eskimos at Roughriders Game Thread, Sat. Nov 8, 7 pm et

Saturday, November 8
Eskimos at Roughriders
7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

I doubt that I will be able to contribute much in the thread during the game, but here it is! We shall see if the Durant-less Riders will show a pulse before their regular pivot returns for the playoffs. Edmonton will be resting Mike Reilly, so we will likely see a slew of Esk backups for the finale.

Oski Wee Wee,


If B.C. loses to CAL on Friday, SSK won't want to win this one. A B.C. loss and a SSK win would send SSK to EDM rather than east for their semi-final encounter.

Well so far BC is losing but it’s only about 5 minutes into the 3rd so lots of football to play yet.

Should the Green team cross over Ticats (assuming they win tomorrow) might get the pleasure of knocking them out of the payoffs after eliminating the Blew team. Wouldn’t that be sweet? :smiley:

Score with under 5 to play until the half is Riders 7 EE 4. Have to confess to only half watching this one but this does not seem to be the same EE team that ran roughshod over BC last week. Of course they are in enemy territory and playing without Reilly and some other key starters.

However Milo could be injured - didn't actually see the play - so they could have an issue with their kicking game since we all know Bartel is a good punter but no place kicker. Don't know if they have anyone else on the roster who can kick in a pinch or not.
Much colder in Regina by the looks of things and there was some light snow falling earlier which seems to have stopped. Milo just successfully kicked a FG so I guess the injury isn't serious enough to interfere too much. 10-4 green guys

16-4 at the half Green guys with a TD just before the break to add to their lead.

Looks like they don't want to come east and will leave that to the Leos to try to get through Montreal. Maybe Tommy can borrow Scottie's game plans that he already started since he won't be needing them now that his ship has sunk :wink: :lol:

SSK up by 19 half-way through the 3rd QTR and I, for one, am really surprised. Do they know something about Reilly’s injury that hasn’t been made public? I was sure SSK would rather come east than go to EDM next week. Looks like it’ll be the Lions taking the longest plane ride in the CFL next week and maybe coming back to the Hammer for the 23rd.

I didn’t get the impression that Reilly was that badly injured and that keeping him out of today’s game was more a precaution to ensure that he is ready for the WDSF next week. A loss today has no bearing on their standing. they are resting other starters as well and even had #3 QB White in the game until he took a hard hit on short yardage. The Green guys are coming off a bye week and are motivated NOT to go into the playoffs on a losing streak. They did pull Joseph and put in Sunseri but he just took a hard hit and Doege is coming in.