Eskimos at Roughriders BIG game thread!

so, it comes down to this! to determine who makes the playoffs!

will it be the Edmonton Eskimos? or will it be those B.C. Lions who just said no to dying!

if the Riders can come out and play a good game, no contest!

It hurts me to say this, but Go Riders!

I hope we shove it down those rider throats . they have been strutting around here for far too long lets make them eat some Eskimo pie.

I wouldn't say they've been strutting lately..

Esks looking decent so far. Riders managed to get out of it with just 3 against.

damn sack..

we should have got 7


what the hell, don't you know how to kick a field goal?

A missed easy FG, ...not looking good for SK

I can't do it.
I just can't watch this game.

I'm way too torn.

Riders win....PROS...

  1. Riders finish on a high note
  2. Riders show some positives, and win a key game, helping confidence going into playoffs.

Riders win...CONS...

  1. BC gets into playoffs.
  2. Berry and Daley have their coaching strategies validated. No hope of off season replacements. (They won't fire the guys if the team does well this year) meaning a whole big future of the Riders sucking.
  3. BC squeaks into the playoffs. (My hatred of the Lions makes CFListheBest's hatred of the Esks look like a mild dislike)
  4. Brendan Taman gets job security.

Riders lose...PROS

  1. BC gets bounced from playoffs
  2. No matter how the Riders do in playoffs, Berry and Daley are likely gone in off-season
  3. BOD and Hopson may just question Taman's capability to run this team
  4. Back to back games are USUALLY split, meaning we have a better chance of winning WSF

Riders Lose...CONS

  1. Riders lose. Always bad.
  2. No confidence going into WSF
  3. Lions fans will whine incessantly that the Riders cost them a playoff birth, when in reality, the Lions have no business in the post season based on their own play this year.

In the end....My dislike of the Lions is pretty much a wash with my love of the Riders. Big picture thinking, though, is a Rider loss more than likely results in an off-season house-cleaning of coaching and (hopefully) management, resulting in much better Rider teams in the future years.

But I still can't cheer against my Riders.

So there it is. I am going to pretend the game is not on, go out, and just catch the score later. I just can't watch this.

Go Riders, er Esks, er, Riders, er, Esks....oh I don't know!!!!


You shouldn't care who wins damnit!

cheer for your team! :x

Will the riders be able to stop the run

anyone else having connection problems

It doesn't appear so, to the displeasure of most

Big time!

I am so gald Stamps is back. We missed him.

nice pass great start so far hope ray stays healthy

wow! Grice-Mullen just got our biggest return!!

were just awful on d

Sask D looks worse.

Whats with the streakers in Sask. There are multiple every game.