Eskimos at Lions

Let's get this party started . I wonder if Crompton will get the start tonight. Nothing to lose for the Esks might as well see what ya got on the bench. I would hope for a Edmonton win but if they do they might not make any coaching changes which I desperately want.

I doubt you will see much of Crompton, the Esks will be protecting Reilly in the draft for sure, they may not want to showcase Crompton too much if he is in their plans for next season.

My gut tells me that if they were going to make a change at Head Coach, they would have already done it. I suspect that Reid gets another shot.

If DeMarco continues to struggle, I hope Coach Benny gives him the hook and gets Buck in there. The Lions need to string a couple wins together here going into playoffs and I'm not certain Tom can get the job done...

Unfortunately you might be right.

T.D Edmonton!!!

The Eskimos look to have a good future at linebacker with Sherritt and Curran. Do they keep both and move one to the outside or trade one of them?

Tough call but I may use it to get a OLman

Gee, do you think DeMarco just got shifted down the QB depth chart?

Demarco has just absorbed 5 games worth of hits for Pierce... Now Pirce just has to absorb 4 and a half more games worth of hits and he can retire a Grey Cup MOP... Lulay will need off season shoulder surgery anyways, so he is an option too if Pierce struggles in The Grey Cup. Demarco is not going to see the field until next year if ever again for BC.

Bomber fans must be very confused watching this right now.

If Lulay needed surgery it would already be done.

They shouldn't be. When Buck was healthy, he was their best chance at victory. He was a very good, injury-prone quarterback on a lousy team. Now he's a very good, injury-prone quarterback on a decent team that's now one hit away from being forced to put DeMarco back in...

Unless the confusion is for why the Bomber coaching staff demoted Pierce down the depth chart. No mystery there either, most of their coaching staff are idiots...

You have a link or anything saying he needs surgery, or are you just trolling as always

Its a reoccurring injury that Lulay suffered in college. He has always avoided surgery and just rehabbed it like he is now. This winter that will no longer be the case and he will get surgery irreguardless if he reinjures it again or not.

In a year where there has been no consistency whatsoever with pass interference calls, we saw two of the worst today. First Bauman gets mowed down in the endzone and there is no call, then the B.C. guy trips untouched and gets the phantom PI. fortunately this was a nothing game.

the lions are going to have to play a whole lot better if they have any chance of knocking off Calgary or sask in the playoffs


:thdn: :oops: :x :?

I did not give a rats arse who won tonight but I saw the two worst calls this year both against Edmonton.

1. Pass interference against Edmonton because a BC Lion tripped in the endzone , the trip had nothing to do with the defender. An awful call where NO INTERFERENCE OCCURRED!!!

#2. A non-call where the Lions used an illegal pick play where a Lion receiver literally grabbed the Eskimo player and pulled him away from the play. This freed Harris who became uncovered for an easy touchdown. The grab and pick was seen by everyone but the referee????????? :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :twisted:

As we all know, B.C. was playing Edmonton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Officials Drool!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Yeah, if that game meant something, the Eskimos would likely see some fines this week for criticizing the officials. I know it is a tough job but when all the mistakes go one way it makes things pretty difficult not to criticize. Particularly when both these ended up in touchdowns and the missed PI call where Bauman was knocked down was likely a TD. Twenty one points gifted by the officials is a pretty good cushion.'s standard league policy for at least one penalty per game to be called against the bombers whether they are playing or not, this was agreed to during the 2011 Board of Governor's meeting

A miss-speak is the "worst". Now that truly demonstrates grasping-at-straws to make a point. I guess when a Ref names the wrong number as the offender on a play they should be immediately terminated.

I was a the game, and yes, those two calls were wrong. On #2 my buddy and I saw the flag and both thought interference on BC for the pick but it was offside against Edm and the TD stood. On #1 the worst that should have been called was accidental interference (possibly stepped on his foot) with a lesser penalty be we didn't see anything deserving a penalty from our angle (which was in that endzone!) and the in stadium replay offered nothing. Of course, there was also the missed PI call that should have been called on Edm earlier in the game that disrupted a possible long BC reception. So maybe that's the even-out : )