Eskimos at Als

Its part of the process and the problem when you bring guys in on the fly like that. First game they kept him in the backfield, second game they released him a few times. He’s a solid blocking back. Just needs time.

Ils joue a la maison. Les gens paient cher pour leurs billets. Pense aux compagnies qui on louer une loge pour le match de dimanche pour 5000.00. Croient tu qu’ils veulent ca ? Ce que tu proposes a du sens pour le dernier match a Winnipeg.

Tu pourrais être surpris par ce que voudraient ces gens. Je crois qu'ils seraient les premiers à comprendre les raisons pour lesquelles certains vétérans seraient reposés. Il y là des gens qui prennent des décisions de personnel à tous les jours.

Certainement mais ca reste une business de divertissement et les Alouettes tente de vendre des billets pour la finale de conference. qui se vendent tres lentement en passant, j’ai regarde hier et il y a toujours des billets a vendre dans le niveau 200 entre les lignes de 40 verges… La meilleure publicite pour le club est d’etre competitif et de gagner leurs matchs.

Si des vétérans tels Flory,Brouillette et Brown n'étaient pas habillés,par qui les remplacerais-tu sur l'alignement de 46 joueurs voire 42? Matte et Dublanko font déjà partie de l'alignement; tu devrais y ajouter 2 recrues canadiennes. Que feras-tu si Emry est suspendu? Un autre recrue canadienne devra s'ajouter.

Je prévois le même alignement que samedi dernier,sauf remplaçant de Davis; si Emry est suspendu une recrue canadienne devra s'ajouter.


Bo Bowling...Touchdown! :rockin:

Deslauriers getting his TD wiped out because he can't stay in-bounds during the play pretty much sums up his CFL career thus far. Alternatively:

He just can’t wait to go back to the sidelines :roll: A big man like that should be bullying these small DB’s… Team should give him a beat down with toweled soap bars in the showers.

Richardson and Calvillo don't seem to be connecting too well...Richardson has fewer receiving yards than Deslauriers. :wink:

I don't get the roughing the passer penalty anymore. The first 2 calls seemed like they should not have been made. Then Calvillo gets tackled out of bounds and Joseph gets knocked by Ingram, both of which I think should have been called. Anybody else confused?

One good Deslauriers play followed by a craponium play! How many times have we seen the great players dipsy-doodling down the sideline, completely aware of its presence and displaying their athlectic ability. Yup! It does pretty much sum up his career. Sigh!

C’mon Anthony! Get your 5000+ yards and Marc - bring in Adrian!

I was going to say something positive about this game, but I'm thoroughly p----d off by the vanilla fudge in the last part of the 4th quarter.

Guys, a game lasts 60 bloodly minutes! You're going to have to fix this if you intend to win anything this year!

I'm glad for the win, but you can't let teams hang around! The Esks were flat for almost the entire game. Reinebold - "prevent" defence is "pervert" defence - flush it! You have to keep your foot on the accelerator!

I missed the game but is there a reason why Calvillo played the entirety of a meaningless game? and what are the odds that Trestman decides to do the same thing again next week?

I think he might play him. Let’s just hope nothing bad happens.

If theres one thing the bombers have been very good at this year its getting sacks so there really is no good reason for calvillo to play more than a quarter of the next game

Well, our offense sputtered for 3 quarters. My guess is we still have work to do problem is we are out of bodies, imagine if Calvillo, Jennings or Richardson gets hurt in a scrimmage game ?

Agreed, mada. That plus the fact that they have nothing further to lose. C'mon, Trestman, don't take foolish chances with AC - hasn't your O been dinged up enough this season? It's Adrian and Neiswander time.

I hate Trestman and Reinebold's mentality. On offense, super-conservative at the wrong times, hyper-focused on the deep ball at the wrong times. On defense, backing off into that awful prevent shell that "prevents" nothing but any satisfaction we might have been able to take in the win. Seriously, we're leading 19-1 at the half and it comes down to the final frackin play of the game AGAIN???? Facing a third-string rookie QB no less in the fourth quarter? Horse manure.

Still garbage on second and long. Reinebold with that BS vanilla four-man rush and a hole the size of Florida in the center zone. Something is very wrong with his schemes, because whenever we only rush four, we can't stop the pass, at all, ever. And what was with that rush-3 nonsense on second and FIVE? You might as well give Edmonton the first down and save everyone the trouble.

And of course, special teams: missed FG, poor punt-return yardage, and allowing a big play on a kickoff at exactly the wrong time.

Only bright side is we managed to get out of the game without anyone getting injured (as far as I know). Now hopefully Trestman stops doing his lobotomized patient impersonation and sits Calvillo for most if not all of the Winnipeg game. Give Adrian the ball and let him throw it, for God's sake.

Only thing that put a smile on my face today was Bomben's awesome TD catch. But then, the smile faded once I realized that Ryan Bomben, a 300 lbs. offensive lineman, is a better route-runner and has better hands than Eric Deslauriers. :oops:

I miss Don Matthews. Seriously. Win or lose, we went down fighting like men. Don would be appalled by Reinebold's crap. This team has the division title and a winning record but doesn't have a winner's mentality. Safe is death.

Interestingly, during a sideline segment, I saw Billy Parker chewing out Osaisai (or Seth Williams, but I think it was Wapamo -- #21, right?) in the background. Methinks even Osaisai's fellow DBs are getting tired of his abject incompetence...

I wasn't impressed by Calvillo's decision-making today. The second INT was all on him, he should never have thrown into what looked like triple coverage. Even Bomben's TD had multiple defenders in the area when Devine (I believe) was open underneath.