Eskimos at Als

Rod Davis has had foot surgery and is doubtful for the Easter final.

Andrew Woodruff will not play next sunday; Kristian Matte will/should definitely dress,although Ola should start.


Wow hold on here, its not like a nothing injury, Woodruff is a big piece in keeping AC healthy and untouched. I wouldnt put a guy in with no CFL experience.

good opportunity to give AM some playing time.

Losing Woodruff hurts, but I feel confident that Ola will be a suitable replacement. When he was in for Perrett, he did a good job.

Agreed, but guard and tackle demand different skill sets. Tackle is more about athleticism and the ability to win individual battles. Guard is more cerebral and asks you to communicate effectively with the center on protection calls.

They apparently gave Ola some help on Sat.:

Everyone knows that about Calvillo, which is why his scrambling burned the Roughriders on Saturday.

"We were hot, going all out (on the pass rush)," defensive tackle Keith Shologan said. "The thing is, sometimes that leaves lanes open - and when they changed up their blocking scheme, that's when it really hurt us.

"They moved a new guard in there (after Andrew Woodruff went out with an injury) and they decided to bring in a guy right behind him - and our stunt really wasn't meant for that. Then again, we could have rallied to it ...

Read more: ... z2AAasx0TI

Seems like this team is being held together by duct tape and bubble gum… simply amazing the number of injuries so far this season and managing to finish in first.

We're not allowed to put up pictures. This is Bob Young's forum and only HE is allowed to floof us with pictures of HIS new stadium 8)

Sorry, my bad. :smiley:

According to Herb, no Green, Jenkins, Anderson, or Guy this weekend. :x

Seriously, wth? We have definitely angered the football gods.

If those guys were borderline between healthy and not healthy why risk making things worse is a meaningless game

He's not saying they should play. He's commenting that they are still hurt. Glad the team is playing it smart, would be stupid not to use this time to heal up our guys and it allows us to give some experience to the some new guys.

Exactly. If they're hurt, they obviously shouldn't play, but it really sucks that they're still hurt.

Glad the team is playing it smart, would be stupid not to use this time to heal up our guys and it allows us to give some experience to the some new guys.
I'd like better ball distribution in the Edmonton game if possible. It would be nice for both both Bowling and Bratton to catch 2-4 passes and be significantly involved. Bratton has been MIA the past two weeks. If we're going to overcome these injuries, he has to be part of the solution.

If Adrian plays for a half (and I certainly hope he does!), that adds another dimension to the play. Having to take into consideration his running ability, that will influence the secondary - do they drop into deep coverage, or do they play up?

Also, we have to get the running game going. Jennings has shown us some good things, and this is absolutely necessary to keep both Anthony and Adrian upright. A balanced attack always keeps opposing Ds honest and forcing them to guess. I know this may be anathema to the "West Coast" style, but a RB cutting up some yardage is not only exciting, but it ensures better clock management; crucial in a close game.

Exact. Et je crois qu'on a vu un meilleur équilibre entre le jeu aérien et le jeu au sol cette saison. Jennings est une bonne acquisition et sa présence permet à l'équipe de capitaliser sur le fait que les adversaires sentent que l'attaque des Alouettes n'est pas devenue unidimensionnelle du fait qu'il soit le 3ième porteur.

Personnellement, compte tenu de tous ces blessés, je donnerais le plus de congé possible aux éclopés et certains vétérans. Je ferais jouer Richardson, qui semble retrouver sa fougue et renouer avec le succès.

I totaly agree. No matter what style the offense rolls with, a balanced attack is crucial. It always got on my nerves in the first half of the season when Trestman would stray from the running game. We all saw what happend when Whitaker got a certain number of touches. We'd win. I know Whitaker is no longer with us for the season but regardless who was in the backfield, if the running game continued all the way through it seemed to work out. I have all the faith in AC but when those desperate long bombs started near the tail end of various games.... damn! When those start and zero threat of us running, it made life very easy of the opposing defense.

Thinking of the running game. The Deidrick, punch it through for a couple of yards, experiment has been long gone. They used it the first few weeks and tossed it out the window. Not saying bring it back, but if Jennings is part of the equation now, it could be very usefull.


Tu écris que tu donnerais congés à certains vétérans. Qui sont ces vétérans? Selon moi,il y a peu d'options,sauf Calvillo. Concernant celui-ci, il devrait jouer la majorité du match.

Concernant Rod Davis,je présume qu'il sera placé sur liste des blessés pour 9 parties; pourrait joueur en 2012,seulement si les Alouettes se rendent à la Coupe Grey; ne devrait pas être rétabli pour la finale du 18 novembre.


One thing I want to see Jennings improve on is his blocking. He had a couple of gaffes in the Saskatchewan game that were the result of him either missing an assignment or not being clear on his check-block responsibility.


Essentiellement, il s'agirait de placer certains vétérans comme substituts et faire jouer les substituts.

Je vois bien que la situation "infirmière" des Alouettes laisse un marge de manœuvre limitée de côté mais on peut aussi en envisager.

Scott Flory mériterait une pause et pourrait laisser sa place à Matte. Je donnerais l'essentiel de la partie à McPherson pour que Calvillo puisse souffler cette semaine, quitte à le faire jouer un peu dans le dernier match également. Brouilette n'est pas un vétéran, mais vu son poignet brisé, je ne le ferais pas jouer. Ça donnerait une occasion à Dublanko de montrer de quoi il est capable. Je donnerais de la corde à Ihekwoaba, histoire qu'il s'accroche ou qu'il se pende. Bowman pourrait être son deuxième violon. Jerald Brown pourrait être à considérer, ce qui serait possible en mettant Carter au coin et en mutant Parker comme demi.

Les Aloiuettes sont ravagés par les blessures et peuvent difficilement se payer le luxe de perdre d'autres joueurs réguliers. Le seul enjeu de cette partie est la position au classement des Eskimos, pour leur choix que nous possédons. Autant courir le moins de risque et évaluer la progression de certains de nos éléments.