Eskimos at Als

All I can say is thank God for penalties!!! I thought for sure the game was going to be over after only 5 minutes. I’m glad Edmonton’s offence was able to recover after the fumble because I didn’t want to start drinking at 8 pm. :lol: Just too bad Whitlock fumbled that ball. That was a catchable pass. Four points gone right there… :? Oh well. Time for the defence to step up. AC picked them apart on that first drive.

Duvall is struggling so far. Good for the Esks.

Great clutch catch by Mann. Verryyyyy nice.

I'm so glad the Eskimos decided to start Whitlock. Two perfectly catchable balls, and he dropped them both. The second was the worst. That pass couldn't have been more perfect, and he still fumbled it. Where's McCarty? I think it's time for Whitlock to warm the bench for a while... say, the remaining 50 minutes.

I'm not sure which is worse, the fact that it was so catchable or that there wasn't an Al anywhere close to him.

Two dropped passes, and now a fumble in Edmonton’s own zone. Dear Hall, BRING IN McCARTY!!! Sincerely, Concerned Fan. Richie Hall is going to cost us the game if he continues to stick with Whitlock. This guy has already cost us 8 points. Depending on what Montreal does with this gift, that total could go up substantially. Unreal… :roll: Time to break out the beer I think.

I will give Hall credit. He continues to show confidence in Whitlock and not panicking.
I guess we'll have to wait to see the outcome to judge the wisdom in this.
Another fumble?

What I don't understand is Edmonton has a great catching RB in McCarty, and yet they have him standing on the sideline twiddling his thumbs. The guys on the halftime panel were saying this Whitlock kid only caught six passes in his entire college career. So why is Hall asking him to catch so many passes? Especially so many key passes. If you put McCarty in on those two endzone passes instead of Whitlock, the Eskimos have 14 points instead of just 6. Hall is getting schooled by Trestman right now. It's not even a contest. And what's funny is the Als aren't even running on all cylinders. The second half could be far uglier than the first.

Edit: Another catching play for Whitlock. If Stewart hadn't knocked it down, I'm pretty sure Whitlock would've dropped it. What the hell is Hall thinking?

Tough night for young Whitlock so far and not really seeing anything to make the Esks 'high' on this kid.

At least Mann has been making some big catches.

Montreals looking pretty strong thus far in the season.

In all aspects...defence, offence, and special teams. scary.

Montreal peaking to early again ? They look unstopable at the moment.

Whitlock strikes again. Ouch.

good for Corey Huclack ... glad to see a former Bison get a TD ... Whitlock really has no idea what he's doing when he's catching passes

yuck! what a ugly game, should see another one tomorrow with the Bombers and Stamps :o

All I have to say is... people have been going on and on all week about how BC will destroy Hamilton tommorrow. Now maybe it's clear that any team can be wiped at any given time?

You know, at first I was just going to say Whitlock should be benched for McCarty. Now I'm saying he needs to be cut. Get him off this team NOW! There's no excuse for keeping Stone Hands when AJ Harris is sitting at home watching the game. Cut Whitlock and sign Harris.

This experiment has blown up in Richie Hall's face, and to be perfectly honest, his stubborness has turn me off of him. There's absolutely no justifiable reason he could give for waiting until the FOURTH quarter to put McCarty in. That was just poor decision making by him. The panel was saying Whitlock had only caught six passes in his college career, and yet tonight I counted at least 5 passing plays for Whitlock in the first 38 minutes. Why was Hall trying to force the issue when he has a great catching RB in McCarty?

Don't get me wrong, I had a feeling Edmonton would lose tonight... but 50-16? This was an embarrassment. How many points did Hall leave floating in the air tonight because of his poor decision making? This loss falls squarely on him, and I think he's the one who's going to need a short memory.

I'm beginning to wonder if this team is actually worse than last year. ... And they have to face BC, @Saskatchewan, and then Montreal again. It's going to be a long season if Hall doesn't smarten up.

Wow, Montreal is the beast of the league.
Even better than last year.

Montreal is looking scaary.