Eskimos at Als 07/20/2019

It’s revenge time! Let’s hope Jones has a great speech for the players. They need to concentrate on football, and not on everything surrounding the team.

It is believed that Logan was returning kicks because of Kavis Reed. Now that Reed is gone and Jones will have a say in things, might we see someone else returning kicks?

With Reed no longer meddling, maybe we will see Jones make changes for the better.

Might there have been a reason Reed and Logan were so close? Just sayin.

O.K. back to football.

The strength of the Eskimos is their d-line, Sewell in particular, and the Als will have to find a way to neutralize them. Max protection, moving the pocket, etc.

On offense, Trevor Haris has been a machine and still has his favorite target in Ellingson. The biggest surprise to me on the Eskimos has been the play of our old friend WR Kenny Stafford. He is off to a great start to the season, certainly outshining cousin Carter.

A win will be a tough task for the Als, but let`s hope we can see the team continue to improve and that it is a close competitive game.

The potential new owners will be in attendance and I’m sure there will be lots of hoopla surrounding them.

I always liked Ryder Stone as kick returner. Every time this guy touches the ball…it’s positive yards…even as a RB.

We will beat them!

To me, you neutralize a strong, aggressive d-line by changing the launch-point for plays (slide protection, Adams on the half roll, etc.) and running Stanback on the perimeter. Let our O-linemen get out in space and throw blocks before coming back inside. Force that front-four to play sideline to sideline, and take shots downfield to keep linebackers honest. But it all depends on execution.

And Ryder Stone will return a KO for a TD! Alright!!

He actually seems to be much quicker than I remember him from last season.

When I first joined the forum - can it be 12 yrs. ago! - I thought you had a coaching background.

Well the Als are at their 11 man limit so you are stuck with us here.

Quand les Alouettes ont signé Jeremiah Johnson, je disais qu’il s’agissait d’une bonne opportunité de remplacer Logan par Ryder Stone. Si Logan avait bel et bien le poste par la grâce de Reed, j’espère que son départ accélérera la nomination de Stone comme retourneur permanent.

:DThanks for that, sheldon. I’ve always been fascinated by the tactical and strategic part of football. It really is unique in the world of pro team sports.

You’re reminding me that I’ve been on these forums for like 15 years, though! ;D


Classic (if sad) Internet innuendo

I totally see him on kickoff returns … he has a chance to catch the ball and get going … punishing runner … don’t see him as nimble enough for punt returns.

What’s that Pink Floyd song…

No. Just a reflection on what Sheldon wrote.

Let’s try to get along.

Well if you have an issue with it then you better foe me because there’s lots more where that came from.

Apologies … was commenting Sheldon’s post … yours just acknowledged it

No issue with you … appreciate most of your posts … but absolutely do have an issue with THAT post … if you aren’t brave enough to anonymously say what you believe, and need to hide behind innuendo, that should tell you it is not an appropriate post.

Am I daft if I say I’m not sure what the innuendo is? I took it to mean that Logan and Reed were close because Logan was implicated in the cap-circumventing scheme. Is that not what y’all were getting at?