Eskimos at Alouettes: game thread

I think I will switch as well, for I did not know this was only going to be only like a pre-season practise scrimmage and showcase against some semi-pro team called the Eskimos today as well. :frowning: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

this'll get called back... clearly it was not a catch.

7-7 now, and it's turning into a good game. :thup:

I don't know what the hell you'd call this game... 23-0, and 55 yards of offence for the Esks. I think the league should end this game at halftime.

Correct call on the field -- incomplete pass indeed.

Anyway too close for comfort and sit your butt back down on the bench with Leak on the otherwise Zabransky you good for nothin' hurlin' SOB. :lol: :cry:

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Ray could very well be.

I think Trestman wants to get 60 points here!

it's not too hard to see it's an incomplete pass!

Yes indeed -- a mercy or dead horse rule is perhaps due for such situations.

Today is the day the Eskimos gave up on Ricky Ray.

Wow.. what a train wreck the Esks are... ET has his work cut out for him...

This might not even be the EE worst game of the season..

They might make it anyway. Cobourne runs for long on a first down too? :o :?

For the Al's fans the best part is they might get to see also McPherson in action by the 4th quarter, and no question he'll light it up too.

Montreal are the best in the league again now and it's not even close any more for second with the Stamps I say though home field advantage makes so much damn difference so long as true starting quarterbacks are playing on each side.

hmm I really thought that was a lateral pass!..

oh well.

the Esks defense is sad, they wont' even challenge their players!

I don't think he was in!!!

that's not a TD. the ball never crossed. that Referee is not right to call that.

wow this last minute is extremely long!

Trestman showing emotion, wow.

Neither of those are TDs...

it's hard to say here really hard.. I have a feeling, .. whow.. ok I didn't see that.

They have to give it to EE out of simpathy.


On another note, back-to-back upheld challenges on the goal line. Can't say I've seen that before. Shut out bid is over.

For real? The challenge was upheld? :lol: Are the referees spotting Edmonton a few points to keep the game somewhat interesting? :expressionless: