Eskimos at Alouettes: game thread

so how many points today for the Als?

A bazillion.

How many points are the Eskimo "BUBBLIN" crude going to dig up. I love Edmonton football. :smiley:

Oh come on...that's not a realistic number

Love the tackling on the Watkins catch. Now that's how you get 'er done! :thup:

Nice gamble on 3rd...but it is EE

that's poor tackling by the Esks defense there.

Nice return!!!!!!!!! :thup:

wow, that's embarassing..

a Linebacker returning a kick for a TD!...


12-0 like that.

Linebacker bringing it to the house..
This could get very ugly, very fast.

So... they let Montreal convert on 3rd and 5, and then they decided to spot the Als 2 points, and then they let Montreal return the punt for a TD. Now the Als are on the goal line. Yeah, I think it's safe to say Edmonton forgot to show up for this game.

2-9, baby! :smiley:

Winnipeg 3-8, B.C. Lion's 3-8; It's not over "YET" Chief. :lol:
Edit: No pun intended towards the B.C. and Bomber fans.

19-0 in the first quarter. I think I might watch the Patriots-Jets game instead. :lol:

7-0 New England thus far.

don't you need to have a game to have a game thread??

Montreal is the only team to show up

WOW, what a game by Diamond Ferri, kickoff return TD, sack and interception.. in 20 minutes!

my what a game of comedy from the Esks today… sheesh.

Montreal is taking care of business, I must say.

So is it true Ray is the highest paid in the league?

If Tillman is as good as he says he is, there'll be many changes next year.

I can probably name a half dozen players I can see being told "don't bother coming back next summer.."