Eskimos @ Argos

Well it has been 7 weeks since the Argos have had a home game but judging by the ‘Choose Your Seat’ app on Ticketmaster it seems that having almost nobody left in their marketing/ticketing department hasn’t helped with ticket sales. Looks like lots of tickets left.

Well I guess it could be out of jealousy there in Toronto what Hamilton has or soon will have once fully completed just down the road, a real football stadium built for football and intimate and classy. We've got Toronto beat in football, no contest, that's for sure so they better pack it for their Jays I guess could be the thinking and the other stadium for TFC. :wink:

Not sure of all the reasons why Earl - but there is no doubt it is a completely different story just 60 km down the QEW from Toronto here in Hamilton. The 3200 seats of the Upper West level apparently will still not be open so those are not available. But of the other almost 20,000 seats only a handful of single seats remain (about 40 by my count) as you can see here also courtesy of Ticketmaster. .

Keep in mind, if you are going with a group, you can still hang out in the Pioneer Energy Zone on the south side of the stadium facing the video board. There's also a set of stairs on the West Side stands you can hang out by, and a small patio at the top of those stairs too. Plus, you know, concourse. Just keep in mind, you'll likely be standing.

Wow…most of the white seats are actually tarped off… There is now way the Toronto has 3000 season ticket holders

Hate to say it, but there's not a lot of Edmonton fans in TO to help the Argos out, and this game promises to be complete domination by Edmonton.

Here is the sad fact about the Argos. Every season, they are playing an extra 2-3 away games practically because of Saskatchewan fans and Hamilton fans. This might even become far worse for them if Ottawa really takes off and their fans start to travel.

Yeah, needless to say TSN had best point the camera's at the Argos bench. At least they still have two games vs Hamilton to sell seats.

Damn, looks like the jacked the price too! $72 for silver seats. This is exactly why they gotta get out of the dome. You have a capacity of 31,000 for CFL configuration and you charge that much for seats. Even THF which is a brand new facility with less seating only charges $67 for silver seats.

What's especially hilarious is the Hamilton game in two weeks time, has sold more seats by a much larger margin. Also mysteriously, almost the entire 134d section (the cheapest seats on the visitors side) appear to be nearly sold out. How strange... :lol:

Braley has done the actual fans in Toronto no favours this year. I've been a season ticket holder basically since '81 (a couple of seasons of not buying season seats, but still bought tickets to every game) and my bronze level ticket went up from $280 last year to $376 this year. That is not what a team struggling to sell tickets should be doing. If he really wants to sell his team for a decent return, he should have cut prices in order to sell more tickets.

Ah, just come on down the short drive along the QEW to Hamilton and join the Cats faithful in our new stadium, the Argos are probably going to be toast soon anyways. When does the funeral start? :wink:

Argos will be around for a long, long time…Just have to get rid of that Hamiltonian of an owner. :slight_smile: