Eskimos @ Argonauts

Everyone seems to think this game is a gimme for Edmonton, but I refuse to buy it as I've heard the same thing said before.

Edmonton hasn't been able to win in the East this season, and they're 2-4 on the road. So I picked Toronto to win tonight. This team has showed some promise this season. They're not playoff contenders by any means, but I do think they're better than their record. If not for a few bonehead mistakes (like not kicking the FG), this team could have a couple more wins.

I think it'll be a close game, probably be decided within a TD, but I give the home team the edge.

There won't be any heavy drinking for Chief tonight as I've already come to terms with the Eskimos missing the playoffs for the third time in four seasons. I might just have a Corona or two.

What do you all think? The game starts in just under 3 hours...

Chief, Chief, Chief, I'm disappointed in you! Where's your team spirit?

This should be the start of the Eskie Turnaround. Two wins against the Toronto Ar-no-goods and you are back in the thick of things. Then you have two games against two inconsistant teams (BC and Calgary).

No need to give up yet.

.....I think you're selling yourself short chief.....I didn't and don't see anything positive about the argos this year...The defence comes to play...but they have too many question marks on offence...Now they have an injured Pickett and Joseph is probably a scratch.....that leaves a very green newbie at qb....don't look good for the argos...If Ray can pick-up his game....i know he can put quite a few points on the board....Stamps, Pedersen, and Mann can't be held off the scoresheet for too long and you have a nice little back in Whitlock....I ain't pulling for you guys (crossover possibility)....just got to calls it like i see it...Lets put it this way......IF BIG don't come away with 2 years scenarios are most likely around the cornor for the esks...Just my take.. :wink:

I agree that it should be a close game, depending how bad Kerry’s concussion - oops stinger - is affecting him tonight. Actually it is a mystery to me why TO is so bad this year. They have a good defense, good special teams and an offense with one of the best running backs in the league and they should be able to score enough points to win a game given how stingy that defense is. However I think Edmonton will win tonight because they actually have something to play for - they can still get a home playoff game in the West.

Sporty, my team spirit was held at gun point, mugged, and beaten some time during Edmonton's 1-5 stetch. :wink:

Seriously, though, I do hope Edmonton wins tonight, but the realist in me thinks Toronto will win. Edmonton has had a hard time winning on the road the last few years, and we've split each Eastern series this season, so I see no reason why this series will be any different.

Papa, do you know for sure that Joseph will be out? I just assumed he'd be in tonight since he finished last week's game. Him being out would certainly make things easier for the Eskimos, but I still don't think it's a gimme.

....rumour was Joseph had a concussion (bordering on a 'stinger' lol)....the concussion part is NOT funny ...just the way the argos are keeping everyone in the dark about it....he either has one ....orrrrrr he doesn't.....count chokula won't say...Anyway're right IF Joseph doesn't see the should be 2 pts. edm... :wink:

The Argo's best shot at winning would be with KJ at QB.
But TO is pretty much SOL at any playoff chances, so I'm guessing it will be a game for them to evaluate QB talent .

EE is a solid team and has soooo much more at stake this game.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Argo's have a sniff...........Booooooo Schmoes.

Edmonton should really win this quite easily....imo

Just glancing at a TSN article about tonight's game, and it looks like Joseph will be starting, and it doesn't sound like the Argos will be lying down.

[i]"I think it's more important that we know we have to win and control what we can control," said Joseph. "We know that mathematically we're still alive.

"We know we need some help but at the same time if we don't take care of our business nothing else matters. These guys (Eskimos) are the next guys on the schedule and we definitely need to win to get out of this losing slump that we're in."[/i]

Actually looking forward to this game. I know Joseph says he wants the plays called for him but man, let the guy do Flutie style football, force him to do this, it could work for both him and the Argos. The guy just doesn't have it as a drop back qb and that's not a knock, Flutie did ok ad libbing albeit the guy also had intelligence football style hugely.

you can't be serious, can you?

Esks can't beat the Lions and they should actually have lost all 3 games to the Stamps this year... flukely won the 1st one.

Esks won't do anything significant.. IF they win this game, they'll barely do it.

I can't figure the Eskies out, they need to annihilate the Argos tonight to send a message they are actually for real.

I just heard Climie saying Ricky Ray deserves some of the blame for Edmonton's record. I'm not sure I entirely agree. Ray is the best QB in the West, bar none, and the second best in the league right now.

Yes, he started off the season looking a little shaky, but if you'd been standing behind that pathetic O-Line for as long as he'd been, you'd look a little shaky, too.

And, yes, I know the offence had that period where it really struggled... but I think that was more a result of switching offensive coordinators in the middle of the season, when, let's be honest, a new offensive coordinator wasn't a real pressing issue for the Eskimos. The offence may not have been great under Worman, but it was chugging along... unlike when Strasser came in and it came to a jerking halt! We basically lost five weeks because of the switch.

I just can't see the schmoes dropping this one, no way.


Christ. I go to get my food out of the oven and Ray throws a pick? :roll: Cool souvenir for that fan, though. I'd love to catch a football! :thup:

last game you blamed the pie, game before that you were drunk......jeeesh.

Move proof that Climie is wrong about Ray. He said he doesn't think Ray makes the guys around him better.

Exhibit A: Kamau Peterson. Before he came to Edmonton, he was known as Kamau Incompleterson. In his first season with the Eskimos, he had a career year, and if I remember correctly, he won Most Improved Player.

Exhibit B: Fred Stamps. The Eskimos went out and got this guy, and in his first couple seasons he was basically a back-up because at the time Edmonton had Jason Tucker and Kamau Peterson. But this year, with Tucker standing on the sidelines, he's having a career season. He currently leads the CFL in receiving yards, and he has 7 TDs. The reason he's doing so well is because Ray is finding him down the field. Ray is giving him an opportunity to shine, and he's taking full advantage.

Far too often Ricky Ray is the scapegoat for this team... :roll:

Oh, and what farkin pie? And what am I blaming the pie for? :lol:

Hey Chief I think your Schmoes will be ok tonight. I cracked open the Appleton Estates Rum for this game and of course the Eskies score on a bomb to Stamps. I love Friday night football :smiley: the rum doesn't hurt either.

Climie is obviously a smart guy, but has made some wacked football statements, that being one of them...OH yeh, Clime said RR needs to show more

RR is the best QB in the league, period.

He finds the window to place the ball better then anyone else. So that alone makes receivers better, right.