Eskimo's and Lion's season on the line tonight

I have been saying for a couple of weeks now that this game will decide the last playoff spot in the West. Arueably neither team deserves to be in the playoffs(perhaps not eve argueably) but the fact is that barring a Winnipeg miracle, one of them will. There is the possibility of a tie but I wouldn't bet on one. The winner tonight takes the season series between the teams and if both play out the season to form, the winner here will take it.

Oh, one more thing.



Huge game tonight with all the playoff implications of the bottom feeders riding on the outcome.

Looking for an Edmonton win too, GO ESKS !!!

Show everybody that stout D and awesome O that you've been hiding in someone's locker all season long.Ray to Stamps ALL NIGHT LONG.

Let's go Eskimos

One question I have is why the late start to the game. The CFL is trying to woo the fans in Atlantic Canada, then schedule a game that starts at 11:30 in Newfoundland. Makes no sense at all!

I'm not sure of the answer to that either. With BC Place in the heart of downtown, there's so much to do after the game. Empire Field in East Van? Not so much.

Too bad too. It's a gorgeous afternoon for football, but the temps will dip down to about 6 or 7 degrees tonight.

Roar You Lions Roar.

Here's to a convincing Eskimo's win and then I hope they both lose the rest of their games :slight_smile:

Go Esks go indeed, go to your offseason homes a week sooner than the Lions cause you're GOING DOWN!!1!!

Go Lions. A win tonight, and for all intent and purposes that put them through to the playoffs.
I think Lulay will have his best game of the season, building off Monday's performance.

I hate to say this, but i am hoping the Schmoes win tonight. My only time in life I will say this if only for the sake of my Bombers to keep in the playoff hunt! I still think the bombers could give someone a real run for the money in a semi-final if they could roll into the playoffs somehow. They have competed well against all the top dogs for the most part.I just don't see BC or Edmonton being any challenge except if someone really under estimated them.

I'm hoping for the Eskimos. Personally I just don't really like Wally Buono so any chance to see him lose is good enough for me. I can't explain it, I never liked Tom Higgins when he was coaching the Stamps, and the Ticats are the Eastern team I would like to see succeed but I very much dislike Arland Bruce. All without a real reason why I don't like them guess they just rubbed me the wrong way.

that's just the way it goes!

Pacific Time zone starts 7pm. you can't have it earlier because the East has a few things going on..

it's ALWAYS been this way.

Man, both teams have it rough down the stretch... Sask, Win, and Sask for Edmonton, and Cal, Sask, and Ham for BC. Yikes.

I think Winnipeg actually has a shot at the crossover. The Bombers have Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary. I'd say Tor and Edm are winnable games, and if Calgary has its spot locked up, the Stamps might rest a bunch of players. I thought the Bombers were down and out, but I guess they have a tiny, tiny bit of a life in them.

Of course, I still think it'll be BC or Edm.

well, if B.C. wins tonight, it'll be B.C.

because now Edmonton MUST win all 3 games to get in.

and I cannot see them winning both Rider games.