Eskimos and ET

Eskies looked well below average last nite against BC. Amazing what some key injuries can do to a team's prospects. I see ET was pretty quick to recycle former Riders Armstead and Gryce-Mullen. Is that the best he can do, or is he wisely leaning toward guys with CFL experience and guys he knows are good athletes? I expect him to grab up Terrence Nunn or any other receivers we cut loose pretty quickly. I'm not knocking the guy for trying to improve his team's chances when they are in an injury bind, but is this a predictable trend or just a sharp GM keeping his eyes and ears open? What do you think?

Tillman knows that these guys are not the best guys, but they are the best guys available for the next few weeks as a stop gap.

He knows that his season is not over by any stretch, but if a guy like Armstead or Prechae can help his team play close to .500 until Stamps and Bowman and Barnes get healthy, it's worth a shot. And if it doesn't work out there's nothing to lose.

I buy what you’re saying and I still think ET is a brilliant football mind with a lot of savvy

Just wondering why this isn’t under the Eskimos or CFL folder?

well 1 game in and Armstead and Smurf-Mullen :lol: haven't exactly done much. not too worried


it's Smurf-Mullen! :lol: