Eskimos and Bombers running parallel

Anyone else notice the similarities between the Eskimos and Bombers so far this season? They've both gone from the bottom of their respective divisions to the top of the league under new head coaches. Season is young, and there are probably more questions out there than answers, but good start for both franchises--including two come-from-behind wins in Week Two. Article up at

I think we're a lot better then the Bombers and we will see that later this week Reilly is way better then Willy and I think the Bomber D isn't all that great, should be a great game none the less but expect a big win for us

A game on the schedule this week on a thursday night that likely did not get too much attention. At least for Western fans this should be a game that will see a big TV audience. A Thursday night with not a lot going on and pre weekend a lot of people will be home watching. For the Bombers a likely much better attended game than originally thought. For EDM a lot more people will make it a point to toon in. Two long time fan bases with not a lot to cheer about in recent years, winning will do that.
Winnipeg still has a lot of new players who will still be able to surprise teams. Who saw Paris Cotton coming last week as a returner. Cotton in the offense and Kromah on coverage teams and then into the defense will still be very new for opponents. Edm main skill players are back with tendencies that are known now Reilly 2nd year, stamps, Bowman etc. Along with a stadium that they will be able to continue to use to their advantage for the Bombers.
I think EDM will be better as the season goes on and Winnipeg will settle into tendecies that team will be better to prepare for down the road.

I trust that when you wrote:

I presume that you mean that Reilly is better THAN Willy.

Because, if you meant to say "then", what you apparently mean is that Reilly WAS better than Willy, but that, at some later point in time, Willy became better , and I don't think that is what you meant. . . am I correct?

Similarly, when you said

I presume you mean to say that you think the Eskimos are a lot better THAN the Bombers. . . otherwise, what you are saying is that the Eskimos were a lot better, but THEN, at some later point in time, the Bombers became better.

Sorry, but this all-too-common mixing up of "then" and "than" drives me bonkers. . . and I'm not even an English teacher. .. ask jm02 what she thinks

And, for what it may be worth Mrs MadJack predicts a Winnipeg win on Thursday, while I have picked the Esks.

Well at least one of you will get lucky that night. Lol . Thanks for the grammar lessen.

I think we're a lot better THAN the Bombers and we will see that later this week Reilly is way better THAN Willy and I think the Bomber D isn't all that great , should be a great game none the less but expect a big win for us.

I fixed it for you Madjack wouldn't want you to go Bonkers . :lol: :lol: :lol: BTW I'm still working on my There and Their .

Terrific oilerrocker. . . once you've got there and their straightened out, we'll move on to less and fewer. :smiley:

But enough of that.

Thursday's match is going to be one heck of a fascinating game. . .

I see what you did there. :wink:

Well it was everything I was expecting , great game if you like dominating defences, I tip my hat to the Bombers from last year to this year all I can say is WOW to bad their playing in the west this year.
Now on to the Eskimos I thought they would be better this year than last year but didn't expect them to be this good , they seem to be a well conditioned football team and it has showed in the second half of games, last year we were losing games in the second half. What a difference a good coaching staff can do for a team their are a few additions but basically it's the same team as last year . I see the offence does need some work but that will come in time. Dickinson as special teams coach is really earning his pay check love the fakes and seems to come at the right time when nobody expects it. Looking forward to next week against the Stamps, hopefully the crowds will come back and we can push for 50k fans.

The offense really needs to step up, that game should have been 40-3. Not complaining about a win, but they need vast improvement. Missed assignments and dropped balls made me go bezerk even though we we're winning the whole game. Late response I know... (I had to pvr it and just finished watching haha)

If Calgary should win this week it will again set up a battle of the unbeaten's. It would send the Esks into their by week as the only unbeaten team with a lock on first place as the only team with a perfect record.
Those hundreds of thousands that watched on TSN last night will be looking to get the hottest ticket in the league so far this season. 40K plus could likely be the case.