Eskimos and Bombers - Advantage Bombers ??

Well I think the Bombers released their Ford
13-7 Edmonton at the half

Well , that kills my theory.

Not all Nichols fault. The o line sucks.

Also, Bombers watch the blocks. You guys are killing your return game.

Looks like the Bomber fans have given up on this season.

Lots of empty seats.

And another missed Bomber FG? Unreal :oops:

Gutsy call on 2nd and inches but it worked. And the Bombers finally score a TD (on offense).

Shotgun TD Eskimos - 21-14 Edmonton

Yeah I saw that and I'm not really cheering for the Bombers who I know you're probably hoping will lose. I picked the EE to win.

Cameron TD for the Bombers :smiley: but kicked convert is misses by Haj :oops:

LMAOO this is ridiculous. I'm an Esks fan but missing 3 FG's and a convert? I'm dead

Seems the Bombers have a re-incarnated version of O'Missy lol

Boy Hajrullahu is having a BAD day!! Thought he had that one nailed but it was just inches away :oops:

If he isn't cut after this game, the Bombers organization then is a Joke

In the NFL, you know he'd be gone the second he left the field.

What a loser

10 missed points by Hajrullahu will likely cost them the game - gotta feel a bit for the guy.

Well the call of an incomplete pass doesn't please the fans but it is the right call in this case. Guess we'll see if O'Shea gets his PI challenge.

How could Winnipeg challenge again?

Wow, that was not PI...and I'm rooting for the Bombers. TERRIBLE call.

make up call for last week???

Coming in the clutch

Wow biggest play Whyte has done for Montreal and he's not even playing for them anymore.

What a fantastic ending, typical CFL.
Other then the early OT games in the beginning, this was the most exciting last few minutes of the year.
The BB better get a new FG kicker.

Up to Whyte to see if he can get the winner - and he does. Heartbreaker for the BB fans and believe me Ticats fans know EXACTLY how they feel! :frowning:

Good close entertaining game which could have gone the Bombers way if not for so many missed FGs.