Eskimos and Bombers - Advantage Bombers ??

EE are better in all 4 areas of the game. Off - Def - Sp Teams and coaching.

Yet the Bombers could have a huge advantage. Matt Nichols.

Because he is so familiar with what the EE D does, could he have a huge enough advantage to pull off an upset ?

Maybe it is just wishful thinking , but I hope so.

That just might be crazy enough to work.
In normal circumstances, Nichols is the other teams best weapon, but maybe against the Eskimos since he did play for them, it will work in reverse?

On the flip side the EE know Nichols more then most as well. Chris Jones should rip him apart. I expect the Eskimos to win big.

I guess it is a big game for both teams which the Bombers will lose.
I will be watching my Jets beat the Flames in their last pre-season game.
Football is over in the Peg as hockey our true Canadian sport has begun.
With both the Jets and the Moose in town it is going to be a great winter for sports in the Peg!!!

You are aware, the Bombers can still get 3rd place right ?
They will not win the Cup, but I assume you still hope they win games.

Over, I think not.

Edmonton football after a blooper kick-off - result FG 3-0 Eskimos

Bombers have been playing better and their defense seems to be coming together than earlier in the season.
So far keeping the EE to FGs.

The big BOO'S are evident in the stadium.....Nichols 0-7 passing.
Cheers are happening in the stadium....Bomber punt return - 7-6 Winnipeg

Nice scamper by Stoudemire for the TD - not quite as far as Speedy B's, but close! :smiley:

C'mon Edmonton. You can lose in a couple weeks time but not today

Also improved since O'Shea took the reins - the Bomber's STs.

I can see why Nichols is having a hard time completing passes as he seems to be getting hit just as he tosses them.

Yes tabbiefan, that's clearly evident.

So we have connection problems (briefly) again in Winnipeg? Wasn't that where they kept losing the feed last week too?

Edmonton TD on a huge pass play - 13-7 Eskies

Bombers need to learn that you can't send Chevy up the middle and expect him to break the tackles - and on 2nd down?

yeah, you need a Ram for that

No that was Regina

MB and logic have nothing to do with each other.

With a second missed FG Bombers missed an opportunity to go into half time with a tie score. Hajrullahu has not been having a very good year.

OK Thanks. I do remember that there were connection problems about a year ago during a Ticats game in Winnipeg, so wondered if it was a recurring problem.