Is anyone watching this game? I just checked the score. 40-4 Als, Wow!

Eskies paly Montreal again at home for their season closer. Right after we finish playing them. The only way the riders can honestly have any hope for 1st in the west is to beet the stamps twice and its very hard in back to back games.

Never watched, but judging by the score, looks like Ricky Ray had another bad game

Actually, no. Ray was not that bad.
He had a 12-12 passing streak from the 2nd quarter into the 3rd.

AC played a great game and the Als defence played great.

Pulling Ricky Ray was more an act of mercy than anything else. Ray was under pressure all game and barely had any time with the ball. The eskimos defence was absolutely shreded the als got at least a field goal on every drive in the first half. They punted twice all game and one resulted in a fumble which they recovered

Mike Imoh’s the man. Gotta say there’s some quality backup RB’s in this league.

Worst display by an Eskimo team in years and that's going some considering we missed the play-offs the last 2 years.

We couldn't tackle, couldn't hold on to the ball, completed hardly any passes of 5 yds, couldn't run, couldn't block.

Otherwise we didn't have a bad game.

Ya gotta look at the bright side :wink:

Wow talk about gett'n spanked.

Ricky Ray was the best player for the Esks today.

Montreal got at him, hit him, and I don't think Ray was quite 100%. He looked beat up. He also came up limping after a run to the sidelines.

Montreal dominated the time of possesion. Jamel Richardson had a great game, Ben Cahoon had a great came, obviously Anthony Calvillo had a great game, and Dahrran Diedrick had a good game, for the half he played anyways. He had 100 yards in the 4th quarter I think.

Even though Edmonton only scored 4 points, I think the Defence really let them down today. I saw shades of the Als last season. Many many many miss tackles.

I loved it! can't get enough of seeing the Eskimos get slaughtered!

NO not really,
Edm had a 7 minute drive in 4th that made it more respectable, Of course it ended in a RR fumble and made it all for nothing

Its unfathomable how a team goes from two straight games where they take charge in the second half and dominate the opposition utterly, to two games where they go from barely defeating Hamilton to becoming road kill for the Als. I know most will blame Maciocia for this, but these extremes demand a more thorough explanation. if it was just DM, we'd be getting blown out in every game. What demotivates a team so much in so short a span of time that they fold so utterly? I do question the apparent intent to have Ray get injured again. Not like we don't have capable backups who can go out and manage, i daresay even WIN, the game. Give the guy a week off to heal!

I guess dominated isn't the best word. I should say, controlled. If I remember correctly, Montreal had the ball for a good 36 minutes this game.

But both QBs played good. Ray completed 14 of 17 passes, he had 12 consecutive completions at one point. I agree with the coach's decision. The game was out of reach, and Ray was getting hit. I'd take him out also.

I feel A.C was in a little too long. Completing 31 of 38 for 414 yards and 2 TDs. I don't see how he's not the offensive player of the week. And keep in mind, this was against a West Division team, and they are soooo much stronger than Montreal. So it's that much more impressive. 8)

Good point. :thup:

Even though there were still a bunch of doubters after that close call against BC, I think the Als may a HUGE statement on Sunday. 8)

I hope they still doubt, It's kinda nice being the under dog for once.

Westerners keep dissing the Als for their records against western team. 3 of their 4 losses are on the road they are 2-1 at home. Teams that are competitive are suppose to win their home games. Als are every bit as good as the Western teams. They have to solve Calgary who has a huge advantage with Chris Jones knowing the Als players so well after 4 years in Montreal. Burke was in Calgary for a year and became a DC four games before then end of the season.

I'm liking the Als front four. Very athletic and powerful and the development of Williams and Mcelveen is going nicely.

They have 5 NI that can play in the backfield with Proux, Boulay, Woldu, Sanchez, Donovan.

3 Capable running backs
1 Top notch Fullback
2 spare NI Olinesmen
4 Top notch linebackers
1 Top notch kickers
1 All Star QB
1 Good Backup QB
4 Development QB's
1 Good returner
Fantastic coaching staff

Please take them lightly :slight_smile:

You forgot 1 HUGE part of this team. I'll put numbers and see if you can recognize the code....

        1. 82

Damn...and I figured I put up a great post.

Ben is forgiving :slight_smile:

Yeah 3 top notch receivers and a couple good up and coming receivers.

Thanks there Ryoon.

I agree Calgary does have the advantage. We have something like 9 new players on defense so it would be like a totally new defense. Plus Colbourne was not in that game.