Eskimos 2013 5th round pick

It seems the Eskimos traded their 2013 5th round pick twice. To BC for Jerome Messam and to Saskatchewan in the Greg Carr trade.

Perhaps the above link clarifies the info you’re looking for.

That link just shows that he is right. Edmonton did trade away their 5th round pick twice. How does the league deal with something like this?

The first trade should take precedence. League is partialy responsible if the info is correct. As all trades are rebistefec with the league office.

rebistefec ?

I blame Samsung. Should read registered.

....Well the Bombers are now in the process and deliberating on a couple of our draft pics that we can make a deal for ... Looking to trade a pic two or three times to secure some talent...over and over....Hope it works...Apparently that;s how some teams are building through the draft... :lol:

It is possible that the Esks had acquired another 5th round pick for this year's draft that wasn't reported by the media and that was used in the Carr deal.

Fixed it for ya.

I am thinking the same thing, it is the most obvious situation. In the 4th round of the same draft Calgary had 2 picks, no reason Edmonton couldn't have had 2 picks in the 5th round.

Well, the Riders would be happy, as they would presumably get their 4th round pick back.

Really interested in how this one plays out.

The Wikipedia site now has that pick #39 left blank on the draft order list but still have both trades listed. I guess they figured out something is wrong.

I reported it referencing this as a source for a potential error. others likely did as well.

And now the Esks are getting two 5th round picks in this year's draft in the McKnight trade.

It seems that 5th round pick belongs to anyone who wants to trade it. I wish since this is the CFL website that they would do a better job of put information on it.

My last frustrated word on this pick.
Edmonton's 2013 5th round pick to BC for Jerome Messam.
Edmonton 2013 5th round pick to Saskatchewan in the Greg Carr trade.
Saskatchewan sends Edmonton's 2013 5th round pick back to Edmonton in the McKnight trade.
Saskatchewan's 2013 5th round pick to Edmonton in the McKnight trade.
BC Lions get screwed over, doesn't the CFL have someone who actually looks at these trades or
do the teams just do it as they see fit.
And finally this CFL website is really lacking when it comes to information about trades the draft
and they need a better method of contacting them. Maybe a e-mail address would be good!

Why do people assume the CFL has made a mistake. We're talking about an entry on Wikipedia FGS!

The wikipedia article only states known picks, it doesn't include any unknown conditional picks. Probably because they're unknown. When Edmonton traded with Hamilton for the 24th overall pick, it was listed as belonging to BC. I would assume it was part of the Arland Bruce trade in 2011 that sent a conditional pick to BC in the 2013 draft. Therefore, this stuff happens.

The pick that Edmonton traded to BC for Jerome Messam belonged to Edmonton, but because it was likely a conditional pick, we don't know where it came from. The trade was legal, the CFL just hasn't published the order of the draft for some reason. Maybe because of Ottawa's picks? Who knows.

Hahahaha, fun fact: there are 19 known trades in this year's draft. 16 of them have involved Edmonton! Tillman trades them away and Hervey tries to get them all back lol.

The draft order was released a few days ago by the League ( and BC doesn’t have a pick from Edmonton for the 5th round but they do have a 3rd round pick of Edmonton’s. The media reported that the Lions were getting a 5th round pick for Messam but I’m wondering whether it may have actually been a conditional pick that became a 3rd round pick after the great season Messam had in 2011.