Eskimo Way?

Is it just me or is the Eskimo organization going out of the way to become the Evil Empire that many have called the Eskimos. Recent events have led me to question what the goals are for the Eskimos. Although I along with every other fan, want a winner but at what cost. It seems to me that we are going out of our way to distance the team from the traditions that embody a community owned team and I don't like it.

This is just the rantings of an old man but, I like the days when the Eskimos were the face of every community event and wish we could go back to throw days and I like the days when other teams danced, our mantra was that "Eskimos don't dance". Leave the off the wall celebrations to the losers and keep the EE classy!

Just the rantings of an old man!

I think people who remember the Eskimo Way want it to return. Hervey talks about it. He doesn't really get it. But it's long gone. Very evident last game. However the fans should revel in having Reilly as your guy. He embodies much of what the Eskimo Way was about. Chris Jones is a real doofus however. He will not last there.

What do you mean by it was "very evident last game"?

The Eskimo Way of the past would not have put their starting QB at risk by running those plays at the end.

They may have put in a back-up and allowed him to get some reps and turned him loose.

That was strictly ego from the HC.

...I believe the 'Gentlemen Code of Conduct' that you speak of is pretty much extinct from all professional sports...the days where an owner or a coach can actually walk into a dressing room and command his team to do something because 'your a man dammit' are unfortunately long're apt to loose the team over taking a position like it's monetary penalties that speak loudest...


isn't it the eskimo way for everybody to rub noses before each game

To be honest, I believe Edmonton kept Reilly in because that game was a game for charity in which the Eskimos would donate a $100 for every point scored in the game. So that in my mind is why Edmonton marched down the field to make it 24-0.
How is that for the "Eskimo Way"?

God damn complainers everywhere... :roll:

Well the play the Riders a couple of times and are tied in the standings, these extra points may mean the difference between 2nd or third and a home date