Eskimo Tradition

As a Eskimo fan for over 50 years, I was like many fans, quite annoyed that the Eskimo's did not line up for the National anthem this past road trip. I was even more appalled at the decision to skip the Monday Morning Magic. It is little things like getting involve in the community that make people like me fans for over 50 years! Mt Jones needs to recognise that without fans, there is no Eskimos and as a community owned team, those fans are the owners.

I would hope that the lesson has been learned here. Snubbing the media is one thing, turning your back on the fans is quite another. The Eskimos have publicly stated that the Eskimos will be on the field for the anthem from now on and that the Monday Morning Magic will resume, presumably next season. I would hope that there would be something this season involving the handicapped kids. I am even more hopeful that these transgressions which not only embarass the club but embarass the city and the fans, stop.

This franchise and it's contribution to the fabric of the community is bigger than any of us, keep it proud!