Eskimo State of the Union

Alright, in our expanding review of these Union speaches, let’s pick apart what the Eskimos had to say. I am interested in how first time bench boss Maciocia handles himself…

“Rick LeLacheur spoke to many different aspects on the business operations side of the club. Season ticket totals are nearing 25,000, helped by the efforts of players, such as Singor Mobley, who worked fulltime towards the Esks renewal efforts.”

Excellent, always the leader in ST sales, edmonton fans are showing again they can walk the walk when it comes to supporting their boys. It helps to have the lowest prices int he league, but still a worthy accomplishment.

“Head Coach Danny Maciocia stated that the past five months that he has been at the helm have been interesting.”

That’s the best adjective he can come up with? A new book by Peter Neuman is interesting, an episode of Law and Order that you haven’t seen before is interesting. Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t his job be ‘exciting’ and ‘invigorating’ or ’ strenuous’. C’mon Danny, show some effort here…

“He said his goal is to “create as much competition at every spot” so that people (i.e. fans) don’t want to miss what develops in training camp.”

…?..Danny, you’re not creating anything new here, this is what traning camp is kinda about…plus, if this is a direct quote and not mangled by the reporter I’d be getting Dan some articulation coaching as the end of this sentence just plain don’t make sense.

“Coach Maciocia noted…The Esks will be looking for opportunities of 2nd down and short to give them options on the rush or pass, aiming to be multidimensional and mix it up their offence”

OTHER TEAMS, take note, what Dan is saying is that when it is second down, it is doubtful they will punt. If they line up to punt and there’s a No. 2 on the yardstick, trust me, its a FAKE…again, I know you can’t give much away in these talks, but this is pretty basic stuff, not ‘interesting’ by any stretch…

“Maciocia noted that as head coach one acts like a 'traffic controller”

…a pylon in other words…

“He does plan to be more involved on a daily basis with the defence and special teams”

…and leave the Offense totally to Lancaster…YES!

“Maciocia…noted that Maas is not your average guy and will push himself to heal”

…unlike those other guys on the team that are satisfied to allow the healing process to just run its own course, maybe even hamper it by not trying to heal…

"Maciocia’s goal for 2005 is to “create as much havoc as possible.”

…in the locker room, on the sidelines, ?, oh, I see, on the field…Let’s look at Websters definition of HAVOC:

  1. Widespread destruction; devastation.
  2. Disorder or chaos
    I hope for Dan’s sake it’s number one and that it is directed at the team he is playing against, I hope for my sake it is No.2…

“Maciocia would like to have 12 players on defence whose motors are always running.”

…euthenisms like this go about as far as third week of training camp, after that there better be substance behind the sayings. I’m not saying Danny will flounder, he has an experienced and wily Head Office to back him up, but take it from a fan who has had a questionable coaching staff at the helm, when it’s gets unpretty, it gets unpretty fast…


Tremendous analysis. Good weekend to you.